IMITATION: Where did they get the idea?’s query interface is a copy of Page’s search suppression solution.  there is no relationship between the two services.

It has been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but it can also be the cause of confusion.’s website functionality is a simply a copy of   www.Page, whose team created the concept and functional design elements.

Do not be confused, the & Page similarities end at the visual layout of the query interface. Whereas, the page database, algorithmic search suppression technologies, and other elements that result in our successful suppression of unfavorable search results are closely guarded trade secrets. Furthermore, Page‘s success has come at a high cost, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of time and resources have been invested in research and development by multinational team, these benefits are only available to customers of Page

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Example of unauthorized use of page intellectual property by

Example of unauthorized use of Page1's intellectual property by
Example of unauthorized use of Page 1’s intellectual property by
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