MURDERER ARRESTED: Rexxfield's CEO Michael Roberts, Investigator, Catches Murder Fugitive for US Marshals

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Case 1: Michael Roberts of Rexxfield led US Marshals to apprehend Murder Fugitive in just 73 minutes, after a 2-month manhunt by US Marshals

Michael Roberts of Rexxfield Catches MurdererThe Brief -- Rexxfield had been retained by a joint task force of US
Marshals and the Maryland State Police Force in the 2-month manhunt for the
fugitive Dinkue Brown, who had been on the run in connection with the murder of 26
year old Luis R. Rodriguez, on June 21, 2013.

The Outcome -- Rexxfield's Michael Roberts was able to:

1. The Rexxfield team developed a pretext for a sting operation and then, after
approval from law enforcement, conveyed a message to one of the suspect’s
family members. The message had Rexxfield’ proprietary forensic tripwire
payloads attached thereto.

2. Subsequently, the tripwire transmitted numerous electronic footprints,
including incidents triggered by the fugitive, from behind anonymous proxy
servers in an attempt to disguise his location. Over the next few hours
Rexxfield continued to work with the task force to circumvent the fugitive’s
attempts to obfuscate his activities and location.

3. As a result of the digital artifacts and intelligence collected by Rexxfield,
within a few hours the team identified a cell phone number. It was allocated
to a disposable SIM card in the possession of the fugitive, but it did not
reconnect to the cell-tower network after Rexxfield first discovered it — ergo
triangulation was impossible. It appears that the fugitive had purchased the
SIM card to use once for an emergency and thereafter destroyed it.

4. Upon consulting with Rexxfield, U.S. Marshals obtained a warrant and were
able to obtain the Unique Device Identifier [UDID] that was associated with
the one-time-use SIM card. A few days later the same UDID connected again
to the national cellular infrastructure, but now in association with a new
disposable SIM card. The US Marshals were then able to triangulate the
physical location of the fugitive.

5. The fugitive was found at the triangulated location in Indiana, was arrested,
and remanded for trial.

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