RIPOFFREPORT: Response to Darren M Meade's Allegations Against Rexxfield Founder Michael Roberts on and Elsewhere (Kairos-Meade)


For Immediate Release September 16 2012


Latest News: Prosecutor testifies Darren Meade "demonstrates he is a liar for hire"

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demonstrates he is a liar for hire


--- BEGIN Authorized Statement ---

The incessant ad hominem attacks on my character by Darren Mitchell Meade would probably need a small book to adequately address each of the many allegations. However, in the interests of brevity I will attempt to reduce my response so as to retain the reader’s attention.


It is my humble request that parties interested in perceiving the truth or falsity of either Darren Meade's assertions, or for that matter my response, do consider the source of the allegations before placing any value on the substance.


The following 30-second video clip was recorded by an unknown person and distributed anonymously some time ago. Therein, Darren Meade in his own words demonstrates the gleeful satisfaction he derives from tormenting the targets of his Internet smear campaigns. In this case, it was the renowned Stanford educated physician Dr. Scott Connelly:


Darren M Meade In His Own Words

VIDEO (30 Secs Long) (Explicit):
Meade Describes His Smear Campaign
  1. Exhibits:
    Darren Meade admitting during deposition to issuing fallacious press releases about a fake death resulting from competitor's product.
    (a) Volume I
    - (b) Volume II
  2. Meade's pre-extortion letter to DOJ describing Michael Roberts as "victim" not perpetrator.

Extortion, Distortion & Revenge
Darren M Meade Smears Rexxfield Founder Michael Roberts

Part 1 of 2 Part 2 of 2

Darren Meade Time line Video

Short version (9 Mins). Full version (30 Mins).


60 Minutes Segment About My Ex-Wife &Convicted Murderer Tracey Richter.

Darren Meade & owner is trying to reverse her conviction to torment me.

Part 1 (10 Mins) Part 2 (10 Mins)


Independent Assessment of the Ed Magedson (owner of RipOffReport) and Darren Meade allegations:



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I have been asked to release certain documents which speak for themselves. They are listed herein below:


UNCUT: Full 60 Minutes TV Interview Footage with Prosecutor Ben Smith:



UNCUT: Full 60 Minutes TV Interview Footage with Prosecutor Ben Smith:

Here is Darren Meade's Litany of Allegations Against Michael Roberts of Rexxfield:


"Michael failed a polygraph"


Darren Meade's favorite quotes is "Michael failed a polygraph, it was 99% deceptive".


RESPONSE: There were three questions in the polygraph for which I volunteered (against the advice of Tracey's retired detective father), the questions and results are listed below (paraphrased as I am awaiting the official copy):

Question Ans Result
1. "Did you help plan the attack on your wife on December 13, 2001" "No" TRUE
2. "Did you help plan with anyone else to break into your home on December13, 2001?" "No" TRUE
3. "Do you know the identity of the second person involved in the attack on your wife?" "No" INCONCLUSIVE


Meade also cites Sheriff Ken McClure who said on 60-Minutes that I "failed" the polygraph. Whereas, Ken McClure was not sheriff at the time of the murder, furthermore, he sat on his hands for almost 10 years while Tracey walked free. Meade conveniently omits the Dateline NBC quote from one of the two heros who did the job that Sheriff McClure ignored; namely, Special Agent Trent Vileta The full account of the polygraph starts at 51 min 50 seconds into the Dateline show. Spec. Agent Vileta said of the inconclusive results:

HERO: Iowa DCI Special Agent Trent Vileta "It's hard for Michael to answer a question as to: 'do you know the identity of the second intruder?'; if he doesn't believe there was a second intruder".
~Special Agent Trent Vileta
Iowa Division of Criminal Investigations

There was never a reference to or use of the word "failure"; in the polygraph results, the operator determined the results to be "inconclusive" -- this does not indicate deception but rather confusion or anxiety in this case. There were three questions in the polygraph, although I initially strenuously defended my ex-wife's actions in the 2001 homicide, the evidence I saw with my own eyes planted seeds of doubt as to the veracity of her account of that fateful night. In fact, I never really believed there was a second intruder. The investigators told me later that belief was most likely the reason the results were ambiguous.


"Michael is a Registered Child Abuser and is on the Iowa Central Abuse Register."


Response: This is a blatant lie.

LINK: Copy of Iowa DHS Child Abuse Background Check dated Sept 20, 2012.


3rd Party Verification: Any person may verify this for them selves for free with this form and fax: Central Abuse Registry IA DHS P.O. Box 4826 Des Moines, IA 50305
Fax to: 515-242-6884


Michael lived in Darren Meade's home:


Meade claims I lived with him, the motive is to make it seem that he knows me well. This is not true, I was a guest in his home on two occasions for a few nights max when he and his business associates were negotiating with me on the purchase of my business assets. I also stored a pallet of personal effects in his garage while I the process of relocating to California until the deal went bad and I discovered Meade's and his peers criminal past.


Numerous audio recording of meetings reveal Michael's complicity in Adam Zuckerman's criminal schemes.


Response: What Darren doesn't disclose is that either Michael or his assistant made each and every one of these recordings and provided them to law enforcement, media and Darren when we thought he was on the same team to whistle blow on the criminals in the meetings. Darren also doesn't reveal that he introduced Michael to the group which then attempted a hostile takeover of Rexxfield. [See also: Definition of spin.]


"Michael had an arrest and conviction for domestic battery in 2000."


NOTE: The irony of these allegations will not escape most readers. Darren is referring to an event on December 20, 2000 when I was wrongfully jailed overnight, and subsequently cleared. Whereas, on that very same day, Darren Meade became subject to a domestic restraining order filed by Laura J. Kelley who reported Darren Meade's stalking and violent outbursts.


Link: Darren Meade's Restraining Order by Laura J. Kelley Colorado (Dec 20,2000).


RESPONSE: True in part, lies in part. I was arrested, not convicted. On December 20, 2000 my ex-wife Tracey physically assaulted me after a customer went bankrupt owing my company $26,000. She began kicking holes in the wall of the office with her boots, I restrained her and she began stomping on my feet.


Photographs of holes kicked in wall by Tracey


Tracey Richter Spousal Abuse Tracey Richter Spousal Abuse

After things cooled down I announced my intention to divorce. 45 minutes later I was in handcuffs and I spent the night in jail. However, what Tracey meant for evil God meant for good, and I had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with an elderly man who had intended to kill himself when he was released the next day. At that time, the other 10 inmates in the shared cell stayed awake with myself and "Jim" listening to this good news until about 5 am. Tracey begged me not to plead innocence because she said her ex-husband would use my testimony against her false allegations to gain an advantage in the custody battle of their son Bert, my stepson. I agreed to plead no contest to disturbing the peace. That way, I would not need to testify that Tracey filed a false police report. Hindsight has 20/20, if only I had done things differently, Bert & my kids would not have to have witnessed a murder; Bert would not have been forced to participate in the crime after the fact. More importantly, Dustin would probably be alive, and who knows, maybe I would be back in Australia with my children?


"Michael is a bigamist"


Darren wrote: "Tracey's husband even married another woman while still married to Tracey" and "Michael and Tracey went on with their fragile marriage that finally ended in 2008."


Response: The marriage ended in March 2004 when I survived Tracey's attempt to murder me. The judge issued an interlocutory dissolution of marriage on December 3rd 2007. I married my current wife in early 2008.

"Michael has been diagnosed with a mental illness"


These excerpts for the final decree for the marriage dissolution sums this up well:


"Tracey would, at times, give information to medical care providers, in an attempt to have physicians find that Michael has a mental condition. She would be involved when Michael was seeing his family physician… At one point Dr. Brinck, a psychologist, diagnosed Michael as being bipolar….Michael was examined by Dr. Charles E. Murphy. In Dr. Murphy's opinion, Michael is not bipolar. Dr. Murphy's diagnosis is post-traumatic stress syndrome and ADHD. The weight of the evidence establishes that Michael is not bipolar."


"Michael is a criminal hacker"

RESPONSE: Darren Meade attempted to extort from me the meager sum of $5000 in October 2011. After my refusal, he set a deadline of October 31. He followed through with his promise. In a coup d'état he was able to persuade a Fox News Journalist that I was a criminal hacker, and these allegations graced the front page of on January 20, 2012.

Whereas, in the following e-mail message sent by Darren Meade to a department of justice attorney just three months before the extortion demands, Meade describes me as a victim of the crime syndicate of which he now tries to persuade readers I am a connected:


Letter from Darren M Meade to US Dept. of Justice


"Michael purchased illegal 'Google-cide injection source code' from Matthew Cooke"

RESPONSE: If this were true, I would not only be a criminal, I would be really stupid. I don't think too many people would be willing to memorialize in writing a purchase contract for an illegal hacking technique, this contract was actually checked on my behalf by attorney Scott Chapman of Henderson Nevada. It wasn't until after Mr. Cooke pitched 2nd generation techniques that I began to wonder if he was hacking.

Purchase Contract for the "Cool Technique".


"Use of hacking code via the Internet to tamper with the jury convened for ex-wife's murder trial."


RESPONSE: This allegation is simply absurd. However, if we were to entertain the suggestion for a moment, an objective reader should be able to just as quickly dismiss it because Darren Meade did not raise this allegation until long after my ex-wife's murder trial; more to the point, he did not raise this allegation until he realized that his other character attacks were not gaining the traction he had hoped. In fact, this gradual escalation and elevation of flaming aspersions is his modus operandi in any distortion campaign he runs, no matter who the target.


"Witness Protection Program."


Darren M Meade alleges that: Iowa prosecutors allowed me to stay in a witness protection program so that my ex-wife's defense attorney could not serve me with a subpoena.


RESPONSE: The fallacious nature of this allegation is evidenced by the following facts (a) the program that was protecting my children and me was under the California Secretary of State,
(b) the murder was being prosecuted through the state of Iowa and
(c) Iowa officials have no say in what the California secretary of state does for its residents.


"Michael Was Founded for Child Abuse and is on Central Abuse Register."


RESPONSE: This is true; however, the findings were reversed soon thereafter. Darren Meade in keeping with his distortion tactics (watch, he will start using this term to describe me soon) is taking a snapshot in time, but not giving the reader the benefit of subsequent events. His propensity to do this should give readers cause to dismiss everything he writes as deceptive.


Subsequent report leading to reversal of child abuse finding.


Nevertheless, the findings were based on the testimony of Tracey Richter and Bert Pitman. Tracey is a three times convicted felon for and Bert is being considered for criminal prosecution for perjury during the murder trial of his mother. This is a matter of public record.

  1. Tracey Richter Perjury Conviction Clay County Iowa
  2. Tracey Richter welfare fraud conviction Douglas County Nebraska (Plea bargain downwards from original 3rd degree criminal impersonation)
  3. Tracey Richter's Conviction for Murder in the first degree Sac County Iowa
  4. Tracey Richter's Harassment charges Pocahontas County Iowa (resulting from foiled murder for hire of me. She escaped conviction of this one)


Tracey was also indicted as a result of an FBI investigation into passport fraud. She successfully obtained a passport using false name and was considered a flight risk.


Link: Tracey Richter's indictment FBI investigation into passport fraud


Tracey was also found to have forged the final the force divorce decree between the two of us, wherein she added a clause giving her permission to get passports for our children without my permission.


Sheriff's report on divorce decree forgery by Tracey Richter


Moreover, Judge Duffy, in his (genuine) final divorce decree found as follows:


"Tracey is very deviceful; She usually has a plan or scheme to effect a purpose. The following incidents establish crafty schemes by Tracey:….One week after Michael filed the petition for dissolution of marriage, Tracey filed a petition for relief from domestic abuse….Tracey used this process in an attempt to gain advantage over Michael on the custodial…..Tracey has made attempts to establish that Michael has committed child abuse…In fact,. she conceded that it was not child abuse. Later, Tracey made vigorous attempts to obtain a founded report.

There is no founded child abuse report to support Tracey's theory of child abuse by Michael. The court finds that Tracey has failed to establish that Michael committed child abuse…. The Court also finds that Tracey has failed to establish a history of domestic abuse."


"Firearm offences"


Darren wrote:
"Michael is photographed with one of many handguns he purchased in violation of Court Orders after his conviction of Spousal and Child Abuse. The photograph is with a sniper rifle. Police reports allege he threatened to kill a Chicago detective with a sniper rifle and that he (Roberts) is a very good shot. Roberts is on an audio recording with another young man he mentors discussing having this young man kill someone to ‘protect the inner sanctum’ or Roberts new business enterprise with a .50 caliber hollow-point bullet which just explodes his brain, the same as used by the rifle in the photo with Roberts above."



  1. I have never violated a court order (with the exception of being in arrears for child support due to injuries sustained during an attempted murder at Tracey's hand in 2004)
    Approval from Iowa Dept. Justice Crime Victims Compensation Program for medical expenses incurred after attempted murder.
  2. I have never been convicted of spousal OR child abuse. [Link: Proof]
  3. I have never owned, held, touched or fired a 50 caliber weapon.
  4. The photograph of the rifle to which Meade refers was taken in the late 90s, five or six years before my ex-wife temporarily obtained a restraining order prohibiting me from buying firearms. This order was dismissed after it was determined the allegations were unfounded in order to gain an advantage in the child custody issues.
  5. The police report in question was filed by Tracey's younger brother, Detective John B. Richter of the Chicago Police Department. He made this report on October 29, 2011 this was the Saturday immediately following the first week of his sister's murder trial and by this time it had become apparent that things were not going well.
  6. Detective Richter, to the best of my knowledge is currently being investigated by the Chicago Police Department internal affairs, and the civilian oversight organization to which Internal Affairs answers called "City of Chicago Independent Police Review Authority". [Complaint ID : OPS-9432]
  7. Coincidentally, both Darren Meade and Detective John Richter apparently reported that unknown persons had thrown rocks or bricks through their windows at about the same time (I do not have dates). Darren was in California, Richter was in Illinois.
  8. I am not in an audio recording discussing killing someone with a 50 caliber bullet. I was present with an individual who made the statements, and I was the person recording the conversation and who subsequently provided them to Darren Meade and law-enforcement because Darren Meade was the "someone" the person was fantasizing about killing.

Coming Soon: Copy of police report containing the allegations of Tracey Richter's brother Detective John Richter dated October 29, 2011.


VIDEO/Audio snippet of the .50 Caliber monologue.



"Michael bought a house for another woman in Florida in 2004."


RESPONSE: Whereas, Tracey went to Florida first to look at houses, she sent Michael and his stepson and son to Florida a week or two later to look at her short list. He signed a contract on the house they both agreed was best. While Michael was in Florida, Tracey flew to London to be with her lover Tom Buehlmann. I had previously discovered this relationship, I confronted Tom by telephone. He apologized and said he had no idea she was still married and promised that it would not continue. Tracey's relationship with Tom began late December 2003 or very early January 2004. I did not meet the "other woman" referred to by Darren until April 1st, 2004 after I realized that Tracey's affair with Tom was ongoing.

"Michael stole Tracey’s identity"

RESPONSE: Tracey's team is getting good mileage out of this allegation. In 2005 or 2006, I leased a large Dell computer/server through "DFS" which is Dell Financial Services. Unbeknownst to me, the lease had both my name and Tracey's name attached to it from previous purchases while we were still together. Tracey filed a police report for identity theft, she also filed allegations in the civil divorce process. I contacted Dell, they removed her name, end of story.


"Michael found shell casings at murder scene."


Darren wrote: "Michael Robert claimed to have then cleaned the home and located shell casings within an hour of taking possession of the home that were missed by CSI investigators."


RESPONSE: This is just one of many examples of the incompetence of the investigators and earlier prosecutor who let the murder go unpunished for almost 10 years.

"Michael's relationship with Dustin Wehde, Tracey's murder victim."

Darren wrote: "In his mentorship of Dustin, Michael had Dustin work on creative writing exercises that often were violent in nature."


Response: Says who Darren? Please provide original source documentation, or a witness who has not been convicted of either murder or perjury.


"Crime Scene Photos"


Darren wrote: "The crime scene photos were shown to me personally in 2010 by Michael." (referring to a document referencing the 'pink notebook' evidence).

Response: I challenge Darren to testify to this under the penalty of perjury.

"Life Insurance on Tracey & Michael's kids"


Darren wrote: "Tracey had a considerable life insurance policy as did the children."


Response: Tracey had taken out $100,000 insurance policies on each of the three children before the murder. She had asked me to co-sign this one night when insurance agent was in our home, I refused because I thought the idea was repulsive. However, I finally consented to a $10,000 funeral policy for each of the kids under protest because she just wouldn't leave me alone. Evidently, the documents subsequently placed before me to sign were in the full amount of $100K as later attested by insurance agent later.


Furthermore, in the year before the murder Tracey had stacked my life insurance policies with at least three, possibly four policies totaling somewhere in the range of 3 to 5 million dollars. I did not know about this until I filed for divorce in 2004 and her first husband, Dr. John Pitman, told me I need to go looking for them. I did, and what I found blew me away. While Tracey was visiting her lover Tom, I received documents in the mail from where she had applied for an additional $1 million in coverage of my life only a few days before she attempted to murder me in March 2004 by drugging and suffocation. This was followed up by an e-mail message after I diverted Tracey's business e-mail address to mine.



  1. Chase Life Insurance Cancelation
  2. AmerUsLife Insurance Cancelation
  3. USAA Insurance Cancelation
  4. Lifequote Application
  5. Approval for criminal compensation for medical expenses associated with head injury from attempted murder.
  6. .

--- END Authorized Statement ---


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