AUTHORIZED STATEMENT by: Lani Starr a.k.a Lani Starr addressing the Internet Smear Campaign Makawao Hawaii

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Lani Starr Singer Hawaii

This statement is offered in response to the fallacious and demeaning allegations posted online about me.

The assertions are harmful not only to myself, but to those with whom I work.


It is unfortunate that this person has elected to publish these allegations in this manner. These actions are tantamount to extortion.


At this time I have elected not to engage in a public flame war; for now this statement and the links herein will be all I have to say.

I deny the allegations made against me in the referenced publications.

This is a formal cease and desist notice to my defamer.

A jury of our peers will settle the quarrel between us in a court of law.

Prospective clients please note:

I trust that an objective reader can see that the attacks are replete with ambiguities and factual errors.

A person's character is defined by their deeds, not by mud that is thrown by anonymous, bitter or biased critics.

I look forward to having my reputation restored, and humbly request that I not be judged on the basis of this smear campaign.


August 19, 2012 Message From: Joel Edelman, Attorney at Law:

Please be advised that I represent Lani Starr., aka Lani Star. All further communications concerning the facts and issues set forth herein shall be directed to me, not to my client, Lani Starr.

Lani Starr, is being falsely accused, on-line, of being a "cyber-bully." etc. The truth is quite different. Someone (against whom she has been in a dispute, and which later turned into a law suit which she eventually won a judgment against him. This person has a long history of felony criminal conduct and of having many money judgments against him. Thus, there is reason to believe this person is likely the underlying source and perpetrator of the "bullying" that so many people are attributing to Ms. Starr.

During the time prior that she worked with this fellow and his intimate friends they had full access to Ms. Starr's computers, email, and wi-fi via her wireless router and home. Unfortunately, she did not have any passwords on her email, computer or wi-fi. She was foolishly trusting (and quite naïve) concerning the security and privacy of her computer system.

She later found out that anyone who was near her home (or even on any of the near by streets using a laptop with in a city block) would be able to access her computer -.- as well as retrieve information and then send out emails, postings and other on-line notifications using her IP address, or could have spoofed her IP address, making it look as if it had come from Ms. Starr. That is, to the rest of the world, it would appear that certain on-line posting had originated with Ms. Starr; whereas, in truth, any improper "cyber bullying" and other potentially illegal postings had originated with others.

The people about whom false and misleading on-line statements were made are certainly victims of such "cyber-bullying." It so happens that Ms. Starr was also one of those victims
In fact, none of the offending on-line postings (that APPEARED to originate from Ms. Starr) actually originated from her or were sent by her.

She takes responsibility for naively allowing a situation through which other people could (and obviously did) knowingly, intentionally, maliciously, and improperly "hack into" her computer system and spread venom about these victims as well as Ms. Starr.

Ms. Starr is very concerned and deeply sorry for all such victims (including herself). She has been doing whatever she can to correct the record. This letter is a continuation of her attempt to correct the record; an attempt that began on August 3, 2012.

Which gets back to the person that all indicators point to:

Shortly after this fellow, a known felon, initial failure to pay Ms. Starr the money owed to her, he posted a knowingly untruthful message about her on-line.

Sometime in 2011, Ms. Starr became aware that this man had posted something negative, untruthful statements about her on-line, stating that she hurts students voices. Once she ultimately obtained the Judgment against this person, she contacted the sites that he had posted grossly negative (as well as other false information) about her, requesting that they take them down, as this person had his young lover, who had been one of her students, post this up out of malice in order to not pay her what was rightfully owned and ordered by the court.

From August 3, 2012 to date, in order to rectify and clarify the situation, Ms. Starr has emailed and/or spoken with (around 10X) - - repeatedly asking them to take down the postings that she did not in fact post. She also contacted the fraudulent web site that this fellow is a member of and was created by his co-hearts in order to cyber bully and cyber stalk Ms. Starr, the site is called “The Alliance for Truth and Justice” who she contacted (2X) Again this is an organization that was created just to cyber stalk and cyber bully Ms. Starr, as well as slander and defamer her name and reputation. And it was created by these so called victims with out due process and with out sufficient evidence. They even went as far as stating that she is under investigation by the FBI, which is grossly untruthful, as when we contacted the FBI they stated that this was falsified information. T hey also stated that she is fact is not and never has been under investigation! On a number of occasions Ms. Starr has explained to these people that she is innocent and that her computer had been hacked and hijacked. She also contacted, many times to let them know that she in fact did not post any of the reports on these people.

Immediately thereafter, when a number of these false and defamatory postings began to surface- - all "attributed" so called to Ms. Starr. Finally, Ms. Starr has been able to "connect the dots."

It is highly likely that the person whom she has recently obtained a money judgment against, had cleverly "set a back-fire" starting in 2010. As he and his friends not only had access to Ms. Starr computer, and were loading documents as well as taking document from her computer, but they were also engaged in sending her to web links as well sending her email with attachments and links. They had also been to her home on many an occasion. It was obrouse that this person and his young lover, knew that they had cheated Ms. Starr out of thousands of dollars (as well as had greatly injured her reputation, and were planning a complete character assassination of her name in the industry); NOW he intended to "finish the job" - - by "Cyber-Bullying” her and making it out that she was a Cyber Bully herself.

He knew that Ms. Starr had legitimately obtained a court judgment against him - - in fact, he had not even bothered to show up in court; nor had he bothered to continue having a lawyer represent him in that matter. He undoubtedly knew that she would be able to get a money judgment against him.

It appears to Ms. Starr, that this man and his "friends" likely had another plan - - to ruin Ms. Starr's name, reputation, business AND to have several other people fighting-mad at her - - because of postings about them, that appeared to originate with Ms. Starr.

What a insidious plan this person had - - undoubtedly to further punish Ms. Starr for asserting her legitimate legal rights to recover monies owed to her.

Ms. Starr understands and has compassion for all those who have been subject to this "cyber-bullying." It is truly unfortunate that people with less than honest intentions now have relatively new tools to carry out in their attempt to ruin the lives and reputations of innocent people.

To summarize the situation - - Ms. Starr did NOT draft, post, email nor "cyber-bully" anyone; nor did she intend to do so. Rather, she was "set up" to make her "appear" to be such a "cyber-bully." Someone else's "fingerprints" are on the offending messages; not Ms. Starr's. Ms. Starr is not and never had been under investigation from the FBI, and Ms. Starr has never hurt anyones voice as well. These again are false alligations.

On the surface, it "seems like" Ms. Starr had posted those offensive messages. However, someone(s) else perpetrated those heinous acts. She played no part whatsoever in creating the content nor performing the acts that are being complained of.

Ms. Starr intends to "get to the bottom" of who is/are behind these acts. She intends to fully cooperate with any and all entities who are objectively searching for "who" and "how" these many offensive posts were put into the cyber-world.

In the meantime, on Ms. Starr's behalf, I expect and demand that all person’s immediately cease and desist from any further false statements, negative postings and actions that are based on the assumption or belief that Ms. Starr has caused the "cyber-bullying" being complained of. On Ms. Starr's behalf, a demand is made to immediately "take down" any and all web content and posting on compliant sites, that continues to accuse Ms. Starr of such wrongdoing. Any and all emails that you have sent out which accuse Ms. Starr of such wrongdoing need to be immediately rectified by all of you. Furthermore, this letter needs to be posted as part of any of your remaining content concerning Ms. Starr.

One final note. This letter has been hastily drafted and sent to all those individuals and organizations who have apparently been targeted; and/or are now targeting Ms. Starr. It is being sent in good faith to you with the expectation that all those recipients of this letter will be able to take at least a "neutral" position concerning whether or not Ms. Starr had any intention to harm the recipients and/or she took any actions to harm those affected.

To those of you who have the moral and intellectual independence/neutrality to be willing to objectively determine what has truly been going on here, let me say the following to you - - Please communicate with me as soon as possible; especially, let me know what further information you may need to receive before forming any conclusions. Further, if you have information that will help "get to the bottom" of this matter, please feel free to share such information with me. Thank You.

To those of you who may reject (out of hand) what is set forth in the body of this letter - - let me say the following - - your very "knee jerk" rejection of Ms. Starr's innocence herein will be seen as a sign that you have somehow played a part in "setting up" and/or being "used" to "victimize" Ms. Starr as well as the other victims.

Joel Edelman, Esq.
Attorney for Lani Starr


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