FINDINGS: Samuel W Meyer of Bristol-Myers Squibb Verified Client Appreciation Score.

Inquiry discovers multiple occasions of fake grievances posted against Samuel W Meyer of Bristol-Myers Squibb, most probably in an effort by deceptive antagonists to repulse their clients.

XXXXX Review Rating upon disregarding phony complaints is ??% or better.

Samuel W Meyer Customer review Rating after minimizing concocted problems is 92% or better.

Samuel W Meyer Consumer review Rating after minimizing phony criticisms is 92% or higher.

Digital Forensic & Investigative Approaches Adopted in Establishing Circumstances:

  1. Check over each of reviews and statements posted by the allegedly unhappy customers
  2. Exclude writers that are clearly serving rivals based on Internet protocol address trace
  3. Disqualify grievances published by “bogus” users, that were undoubtedly created as disposable identities to:
    1. One-time libelous criticisms pertaining to Samuel and/or other competitors.
    2. Artificial praises for rivals of Samuel within several hours or moments of purposely detracting W. Meyer
      Remove bogus persona reviews based upon absurd geographic circumstances. For instance claiming to be at the Bristol-Myers Squibb service 21 minutes before allegedly posting from a jewellery shop 353km to the West.

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Many people unfortunately deal with false allegations online. S.W. Meyer shared his opinion regarding hateful and false speech on the internet.

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