EXTORTION VICTIM: Aaron Leider Keller Williams Tells His Story

Realtor Aaron Leider of Keller Williams is a Victim of Internet Reputation Extortion.

In early June 2013, Aaron Leider, the owner/Broker of the Keller Williams office in LA/Brentwood had his impeccable record of professionalism and ethical conduct damaged by a digital extortionist. Aaron received a phone call from an unidentified person who said words to this effect:

“It has come to my attention that in the coming weeks, your professional reputation is going to be severely damaged. You are going to be the subject of a malicious attack on the website called Rip Off Report. Once this post becomes public, there is nothing you will be able to do to remove it, because the administrators never remove reports, even if they are not true”.

The caller then offered to intervene on behalf of Aaron, and for between $500 and $700, would ensure that the reputation attack would never take place.

On principle, Aaron denied the request for the caller’s “shakedown.” But Aaron has stoically faced the consequences. Within weeks, the following article appeared on the notorious website ripoff report:

Click to read the Mallicious Ripoffreport Allegations Against Aaron Leider

Disappointedly many people do not read Aaron’s reply contained within fraudulent post. The damage to Aaron’s reputation has been unfounded. Those who know and love him, either professionally or socially, pay no attention to the railing allegations. Notwithstanding, Aaron revealed that the persistent smear had an impact on his acquisition of new clients and business via social media.

Ripoffreport is protected because of a hopelessly flawed law, which is ironically named “Section 230C of the communications decency act”. This law allows websites such as Rip Off Report, to continually publish malicious and defamatory content, with full knowledge of its falsity, and yet enjoy immunity from defamation litigation, because of the federal law.


If you are a prospective client of Aaron Leider or Keller Williams, I encourage you to conduct a little more due diligence into his demonstrated performance and professionalism. Just because something appears on the first page of Google, does not mean it is true. Don’t be part of the problem, rebel against this digital extortion and g-dlike destructive power wielded by Google, and other websites, who turn a blind eye to the unfair attacks of the victims of Internet defamation.

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