For Immediate Release October 13, 2014


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by Dr. Janice Duffy:

This is a relatively small sample of links to the more than 1.8 million plus Ripoff Reports. The majority of the webpages contain material identifying children and/or racist and homophobic material and that which demeans women and falsely accuses individuals of serious crimes.

The links to the webpages are filed in the following broad categories although many traverse several categories:

  • Identifying and/or referencing children or teenagers (p. 2)
  • On public figures, people in the public domain and/or celebrities (p. 5)
  • Containing offensive material about religion and/or religious or spiritual groups (p. 11)
  • Containing offensive material about race or racial characteristics (p. 13)
  • Containing false, offensive and defamatory material about individuals or businesses (p. 14)
  • Containing comments about the falsity of the reports (p. 34)
  • Containing allegations of paedophilia and prostitution (p. 48)
  • Containing homophobic material (p. 51)
  • Containing material about people in legal organisations and law enforcement (p. 53)
  • Containing threats and allegations of murder and violence (p. 59)

Although has published a significant number of webpages containing false, abusive and defamatory material about Australians (and identified children) I have not included these links simply because I do not want to be sued for defamation.

After I started tweeting some of the offensive webpages in January 2014 replaced some of the words with asterisks (asterisk-gate): ‘slut’ became ‘s***’; whore became ‘w****’; ‘skank’ became s***; ‘bitch’ became ‘b****”. It appears that this was an attempt to circumvent advertising blacklists. These URLs are the original version and the words such as ‘slut’ are n the titles. The newer version replaces ‘slut’ with ‘s’ but the links still open to the webpages. Screenshots with the original words can be found in the Cyberbullying for Profit report.


Ripoff Reports Identifying and/or Referencing Children or Teenagers (‘report’ filed by a 16 year old – Ed asked to remove)

Ripoff Reports about Public Figures, People in the Public Domain and/or Celebrities (Director of the Anti-Defamation League)–573018


Ripoff Reports Containing Offensive Material about Religion and/or Religious or Spiritual Groups


Ripoff Reports Containing Offensive Material about Race or Racial Characteristics


Ripoff Reports Containing False, Offensive and Defamatory Material about Individuals or Businesses

Ripoff Report redacted the person’s name in January 2014:–1026675

Ripoff Reports with Comments about the Falsity of the Reports (original poster admits she made up story about the doctor being a ‘Nazi’) (comment that he is not on the sex offender register) (attorney issued legal proceedings) ( issued legal proceedings) (still on website 9 years after wanted it removed) (defamation campaign) (legal proceedings) (rebuttal from wife but reports on website for 10 years) (Rebuttal from associate) (original poster says they were wrong) (apology from original poster but report remains on website) (disgruntled client) (legal action) (rebuttal from ex-wife) (rebuttal from patient of the Dr) (rebuttal from subject of report) (filed by a disgruntled employee) (employee rebuttal) (original poster retracts statement) (jealous ex-partner) (original poster asked for removal) (issue resolved, report remains) (This report mention the name of the subject’s children. He refers to the importance of his reputation and offers proof that it is false) (original poster says je jas ‘mental issues’ but report remains) (report filed as harassment) (This report was posted as revenge for the loss of a court case) (This person states that they are legally disabled ) (A friend rebuts this report) (The subject of this report refers to a cyberbully who was defaming photographers) (Business and employees rebut this report) (landlord rebuttal) (The subject says that this report was posted by a vengefull client) (The subject of this report says that it was published by a vengefull ex wife) (This was posted by a vengefull revenge ex-partner) (A friend and colleague rebuts this report) (The subject of this report had died and his daughter asked for its removal) (This report was posted by a vengefull ex-friend) (The authors says they were impersonated poster and asks for removal of the report) (This person asked for the removal of the report) (Wants this report deleted) (The subject says that this report was posted by a vengefull client) (Poster of report harassing the subject) (A friend denies the truth of the report) (The subject of this report offer proof that it is false) (The original poster admits they fabricated the report) (Denial by the original author) (Comment on ruining the young man’s life) (Rebuttal from the lawyer) (Denial of truth by the original author) (Apology from original author) (A revenge post because the author lost in a court case) (This report was posted by vengefull ex relatives) (A rebuttal by the original poster is published on this report) (Vengefull unsucessfull litigant) (rebuttal from friend referring to a ‘vendetta) (rebuttal saying wrong person) (This report contains a rebuttal) (Rebuttals) (Contains a rebuttal from actress) (Rebuttal)

Ripoff Reports Containing Allegations of Paedophilia and Prostitution–165050

Ripoff Reports Containing Homophobic Material

Ripoff Reports Containing Material about People in Legal Organisations and Law Enforcement

Ripoff Reports Containing Threats and Allegations of Murder and Violence×2/US-Guardian-United-aka-First-Capital-consumers-group-ripoff-son-of-a-b-his-name-is-R-31493 (threat of murder)

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