In just a few minutes you can request that we display your own Authorized Statement, often on page 1 of Google. This can help control the damage being done by ensuring that people searching for your name hear your side of the story. There is no fee unless we achieve Page 1 of Google.

DISTINCTIONS is a service unlike any other in the social networking world for the following reasons:


Persons making Authorized Statements are positively confirmed to be who they say they are.


Trolls, vandals, defamers, competitors and other virtual antagonists have no ability to comment or post their diatribe on the Authorized Statement page. This means that people or organizations coming under attack or harassment need make only a single verified statement about the issue and then get on with their life.


Individuals or organizations utilizing this service can verify their other social networking profile pages as well as other Internet services by verifying the links within their profile.

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