Internet Defamation Quick Fix Lawsuit – The Willing Defendant

If you know the person who defamed you, and if that person is either (a) sorry they did it or (b) worried that you will sue him/her, but cannot delete the defamatory content, then that person might agree to be a “Willing Defendant” in a lawsuit. It works like this:

  1. He (gender inclusive) agrees to let you sue him, but NOT FOR money;
  2. You only sue him for “Injunctive Relief”;
  3. He acts as a “Willing Defendant”, whereby, he admits the allegation of defamation in your lawsuit;
  4. The Judge then speeds up the case because it is so simple, and orders him to take down the defamatory posting, and all derivatives;
  5. Even if the website refuses to remove the post, you can then serve the order on Google, who ALMOST ALWAYS removes the offending article from its search index; even though Google is not a party to the lawsuit; [Google Court Order Submission Form]
  6. Other search engines should do likewise. Court order submission tips for  (1) Bing Search (2) Yahoo! Search (3) (4) More Self Help Internet Defamation Tips


SUCCESS: If it doesn’t show up in search results, it may as well not exist!


Your defamer might secretly be angry at you for winning, and may do the same thing again, but more carefully, and behind secret proxy servers. If so, he will get away with it next time because he will know you can’t prove it was him. To safeguard yourself from all future threats, make sure that your either:

  1. Put these free do-it-yourself measures in place [Click here] or,
  2. Hire experts to build a solid fortress around your online reputation before the attacks come [Click here]

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