RESULT: 97% Corrected Client Approval Status.

Analysis unearths some examples of false complaints posted against, possibly in an effort by deceptive rivals to hijack their clients.

XXXXX Critique Result after eradicating fictitious issues is ??% or better. Evaluation Rating upon purging artificial gripes is 97% or more. Consumer review Rating after rejecting fake complaints is 97% or higher.

Digital Forensic & Analytical Approaches Adopted in Determining Information:

  1. Look at every one of the evaluations posted by the allegedly unhappy customers
  2. Invalidate evaluators that are obviously serving competitors based on IP address
  3. Strip away gripes written by “sock-puppet” clients, which were needless to say prepared as throwaway personalities to:
    1. Anonymous malicious grievances relating to and other targets.
    2. Artificial recognition for competitors of within just hours or moments of purposely defaming
      Remove make-believe persona criticisms according to unreasonable geographical scenarios. For instance allegedly posting from the building 40 minutes after also allegedly posting from a barber 1241km away.

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