RESULT: Shimon Barbi Diamonds 98% Corrected Client Satisfaction Evaluation.

Investigation discovers quite a few examples of fraudulent criticisms entered against Shimon Barbi, probably in an effort by questionable rivals to steal his clients.

XXXXX Evaluation Grade upon purging make-believe grievances is ??% or more.

Shimon Barbi Diamonds Rating after purging concocted accusations is 98% or better.

Shimon Barbi Diamonds Evaluation Result upon taking away fraudulent criticisms is 98% or higher.

Digital Forensic & Investigative Approaches Utilized in Checking Facts:

  1. Analyze each of the consumer reviews posted by the allegedly unhappy customers
  2. Reduce critics which are clearly assisting rivals according to IP address trace
  3. Omit gripes submitted by “fake” consumers, which were clearly prepared as throw-away characters to:
    1. One-time bogus complaints concerning Shimon Barbi and his Diamonds company.
    2. Concocted praises for competitors of Shimon Barbi Diamonds within hours or moments of purposely maligning Shimon Barbi.
      Dismiss fraudulent persona accusations built on absurd geographic scenarios. Like allegedly posting from Shimon Barbi Diamonds company 18 minutes after also claiming to be at a optician 801miles to the South.

Declaration Processed For Shimon Barbi

Owner: Shimon Barbi

Company: Shimon Barbi Diamonds



Shimon Barbi Diamonds
Service Type
Shimon Barbi Diamonds
Provider Name
Shimon Barbi,
16th Floor, Suit 75 54 Bezalel Street,Ramat Gan,Israel-52521,
Telephone No.972-3-613-1020
Israel, Hong Kong, Australia, Belgium, New York
Shimon Barbi is the CEO of S.E Barbi Diamonds. Shimon Barbi started the Israel established diamond business in 1980. The family operates in the manufacture, processing, and trading of rough diamonds. S.E. Barbi Diamonds and it's CEO Shimon Barbi have an outstanding reputation for their production knowledge and supply of well-known cuts consisting of Princess, Round and Fantasy in any form and measurements. At S.E. Barbi's primary cutting and polishing center in Israel, Shimon Barbi and his team create polished diamonds in a very wide range from medium to the highest quality. Processed and manufactured from their stock of rough.