Andy Holloman, Mortgage Loan Officer, Responds to Malicious & Defaming Allegations

AUTHORIZED STATEMENT by Andy Holloman, Mr. Mortgage, in Response to Fraudulent Online Reports

Andy Holloman is a 14 year veteran of the Mortgage industry and submitted a statement regarding fake allegations against him online.

In this day and age, where any fraudster, competitor, scorned friend, jilted lover, extortionist, or scammer can post lies and fraudulent complaints on the internet, it can strike any one. I have so much sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of victims of these fake complaint reports.  So if you see complaints on certain sites regarding my work (or others) please do more research and give these complaints no weight. Use reliable review sites who more carefully scrutinize complaints and remove false claims when given the proper evidence. My reviews on Zillow are a good alternate source to look at. I welcome comments on this issue from anyone who may also be a victim.

Andy Holloman

Federally and State Licensed Mortgage Loan Officer since 2003

Ph:  919-971-4030

 14 year veteran of the Mortgage Industry