Complaints Board contact info can be a little difficult to ascertain for victims of defamation leveled against them through this website ( However, communications with the website administrators can be affected through several different ways.


The website is administered from Riga Latvia, a small Baltic nation just south of Estonia. website advises interested party to create an account with the website, and then click on the contact us tab.


Do not file a lawsuit against!


If you think that you have a cause of action against, then you might want to think again. For the most part, at least the United States victims of defamation, is immune from liability for defamation as a consequence of Section 230C of the Communications Decency Act. If you threaten legal action against the website, you’ll likely find your problems will get worse. Instead, if you are a victim of malicious and false defamation published through their website, you should contact them with a humble and contrite request for removal.


What if they will not remove the defamation?


If complaints does not remove the defamatory information about you, you can try some of the do-it-yourself resources available through this website, or seek professional help to bury the defamatory results, inasmuch as that is possible, from ranking to highly in Google search results. According to Google, search results on page 2 only received about 6% of the traffic that they would otherwise receive should appear on page 1 of Google search results.


Get a quote for removal of defamatory search results from page 1 of Google:



  1. Enter the exact personal or business name search phrase causing problems in Google.
  2. Choose your country.
  3. Click “Get Quote”
  4. Then, on the new page, check EVERY negative result that is displayed to receive a real time quote.


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United Kingdom ( guarantees to remove damaging pages from the first page of Google search results, usually within 4 to 12 weeks.

According to Google, less than 6% of searches conducted will navigate beyond the first page of results.

Transparency: contributes to the legal and administrative costs of our Boycott team when new clients sign up from this web page. They also donate time and resources unconditionally.