Complaints Board Removal It is possible with two different methods.  Although not often successful, the first is simply requesting the administrators of the website to delete the defamatory allegations against your your business. To do this you need to contact the administrators of the website, which is based in Riga Latvia in northern Europe, by signing up for a user account on their website, and following the contact instructions.


The second way to remove the review about you or your business, is to seek professional help. The founders of a very successful boycott action against another gripe site,, developed and released a very effective tool for sanitizing and other websites results from ranking highly in Google search.


Get a quote for removal of defamatory search results from page 1 of Google:



  1. Enter the exact personal or business name search phrase causing problems in Google.
  2. Choose your country.
  3. Click “Get Quote”
  4. Then, on the new page, check EVERY negative result that is displayed to receive a real time quote.


USA/Global (
Argentina (
Australia (
Austria (
Belgium (
Brasil (
British Virgin Islands (
Bulgaria (
Canada (
Chile (
Colombia (
Croatia (
Cyprus (
Czech (
Denmark (
Finland (
France (
Germany (
Greece (
Hong Kong (
Hungary (
India (
Indonesia (
Israel (
Italia (
Japan (
Lithuania (
Malaysia (
Mexico (
Netherlands (
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Norway (
Panama (
Philippines (
Poland (
Portugal (
Puerto Rico (
Romania (
Russia (
Saudi Arabia (
Singapore (
Slovak (
Slovenia (
South Africa (
South Korea (
Spain (
Sweden (
Switzerland (
Taiwan (
Thailand (
Turkey (
United Kingdom ( guarantees to remove damaging pages from the first page of Google search results, usually within 4 to 12 weeks.

According to Google, less than 6% of searches conducted will navigate beyond the first page of results.

Transparency: contributes to the legal and administrative costs of our Boycott team when new clients sign up from this web page. They also donate time and resources unconditionally.


There are also free rescources available at the teams social just site,