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RateMDs USA entity recently sold the website to a large Canadian advertising company. This is good news for victims of fake complaints. We’ll update this page soon, but victims should contact the investigations and litigation support team at if you need immediate help.

About is RateMDs.

According to RateMDs, their site is “the first and leading doctor rating website.” The site features reviews for many Canadian physicians and medical practices in an array of disciplines. Like numerous other medical review websites, RateMDs is regarded a trusted provider of info for people who are pursuing the optimal medical service. Users can judge the abilities, assistance, and general performance of a healthcare expert by reading evaluations from current or past clients of that provider. Because of the size of this site and recognized trust this site has, a harmful or maligning review on RateMDs can be very harmful to a physician’s reputation.

RateMDs defamatory reviews.

Unfortunately, RateMDs is vulnerable to false reviews by rivals or malicious ex-clients. Doctors can pay RateMDs a month-to-month fee to hide up to three bad reviews. A lot of people hold back to pay RateMDs for numerous reasons. 1) Some regard it to be extortion: pay the site that allows phony reviews to get rid of those reviews. 2) Some have more than three negative reviews they desire to be removed. 3) Some don’t want to pay an ongoing monthly cost.

RateMDs review removal.

Aside from litigation, you have a number of other approaches. An effective technique is suppression. By suppressing the negative RateMDs search results to page 2 or further of Google, you cut down the exposure significantly. Hardly anyone will see the negative reviews. While it is time-consuming, it is practical and as a bonus provides you more positive content in Google to demonstrate to potential clients.

We also have had success with contacting RateMDs to request removal. If you can demonstrate that a review is in breach of the site’s terms of service, RateMDs should eliminate the review in question. The terms and conditions prohibit individuals from publishing false, slanderous, or irrelevant info about a professional. If you can show that one user (a vicious ex-client for instance) submitted a number of reviews, you also have a case of terms of service offense and the reviews are suitable for removal.

If you require support with suppression, building a solid case against the site and contacting RateMDs, we can help. Get in touch, let us know the situation and we will determine the most effective approach.