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Property Developer Ramy Raymond, from Paddington in Brisbane, has well over 20 years worth of expertise in the Building and Construction Industry. In 1994, Ramy obtained his Bachelor of Construction and Project Management from UNSW Australia. Afterwards, he functioned for some of Australia’s leading residential building businesses. These days, Ramy controls his own company; Raise Projects Pty Ltd. Raise Projects establishes large scale residential high rise plans.

This is developer Ramy Raymond

Renewed Passion

The year 2018 was a hard year for Ramy Raymond, on numerous fronts. However, these challenges have shaped a rejuvenated passion to create living home sanctuaries.
Ramy is enthusiastic about what he does and hopes that Raise Projects’ new developments in 2019 will be a illustration of his drive.
Revenues are a motivator to do well in business. Ramy, however, favours to be mainly motivated by using his abilities via his work. This is shown by the feedback received from his property buyers.

About Ramy Raymond’s Construction Business.

Ramy Raymond’s company Raise Projects is a privately owned Australian company that is specialised in the development of premium boutique and customised residential apartments. The business supplies high-quality, sustainable living spaces in desirable locations. Ramy’s projects have easy connectivity to essential community infrastructure such as transportation, schools and universities, recreation and shopping centres, and health-care.

Ramy Raymond’s Building Projects.

Ramy finalised various Brisbane based projects in the last years. He presently constructs a new apartment building and has more intended for the future.

Project Chloe on Clarence Apartments.

One of Ramy Raymond’s first project was the Chloe on Clarence Apartments. The property undertaking consisted of two bedrooms, one bedroom, two bathrooms, and one bathroom apartments. Each apartment has covered car parking in a secured garage.

Ramy Raymond Clarence Apartment Design

Raise Projects Cremin St and Chalk St.

In 2014, Ramy Raymond commenced two projects. The apartment block in Cremin Street featured of 72 one, two and three bedroom apartments. The Cremin Project was on-sold at DA stage.

The other project was the Chalk Street apartment block. This is a boutique development with 45 one and two bedroom apartments together with a commercial ground floor space. Ramy completed this project in late 2016.

Ramy Raymond’s present Project.

Ramy Raymond now works on the Wesley Street Apartments. This block has 39 boutique 2 & 3 bedroom appartments. Each apartment has 2 parking spaces.

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