URGENT –  Perishable IP address evidence. I am a Licenced Private Investigator. I handed your department an easy conviction case for a boiler room scam operating out of Karachi. Your incompetent first respoinders sent me an email stating they cannot act on the complaint unless I provide my Pakastani CNIC Number. I AM NOT A PAKASTAN CITIZEN! I am Australian. If you would like to contact me and act on this perishable intel, contact this website administrator, and ask them to pass on your message.


1st Floor ,FIA Building (Near Darul Sehat Hospital),Block 14,Gulistan-e-Johar Karachi.


URGENT –  Perishable IP address evidence


I’m a licensed private investigator located in Australia. I just uncovered a major boiler and scam operating out of Karachi with the following IP address. You need to contact the Internet service provider immediately to find out who was connected to the IP address at Date / Time (utc): November 27, 2017, 23:12:30

City: Karachi

Region: Sindh

Country: PK

Host Org: AS9541 Cyber Internet Services (Pvt) Ltd.

Post code: 12311

They were calling me from Phone Number +17477299364 which I assume is Skype or similar.


If you subpoena Skype, you can obtain a list of all their other victims who were called.

They are using Nigerian women to make the phone calls.

The scammers are calling people in the United States and asking for the credit card details, they are pretending that they are with the bank that can lower interest rates. They then try charging the credit cards.

I recorded both calls, you can download the audio files evidence here:

Your official website is a shambles, an embarrasment: