Edelman Australia’s Appointment of Ben Naparstek as Online Content and Digital Director is a Concern for Australia

Edelman Australia PR’s Ben Naparstek Investigated by Licensed Private Detective.

Ben Naparstek of Edelman Australia PR is a person of interest in an ongoing private investigation, for violations of journalistic ethics.

Ben Naparstek of Edelman Australia PR is a person of interest in an ongoing private investigation, for violations of journalistic ethics.

Ben Naparstek of Edelman Australia is the subject of intense scrutiny by a licensed private investigator, after discovering numerous breaches of editorial ethics.

Edelman Australia’s newest leadership employee, Ben Naparstek, was highlighted for his speedy rise through the Australian media industry at a young age. However, when one pierces the fanfare the evidence of a murky career demands a closer investigation. As a vocal 5th Estate reporter and licensed private investigator, I believe that young Mr. Naparstek’s work product should be observed very closely. I am worried that the title of Edelman’s “Content and Digital Director”, as it is generally used, is no more than camouflage for his specialty; namely, “PAGEVIEW BAITING “.

In the 4 years that I have been watching Ben Naparstek’s activities, I have noticed that he makes great use of ‘editorial license’ to yield scandalous headlines. I believe these twisted truths are intelectually dishonest and tantamount to a bait-and-switch ploy, which take people to his web-based articles or “storytelling”; to quote Steve Spurr the CEO of Edelman Australia [ref:Mumbrella]. The very moment that Mr. Naparstek captures his online reader, his employer’s business can monetize those “page views” through advertising banner impressions and/or “Pay-Per-Click” display advertisements. In my opinion, such duplicitous tactics oppose commonly recognized journalistic principles. It seems that Ben’s new Edelman job title is devoid of references to “journalist” or “editor” and clearly conveys more of a sales, marketing and “spin” designation. Thankfully, Naparstek is now more likely to come under the watch of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC.gov.au), which holds much more power to punish people who tell lies for a living, than the impotent Australian Press Council and its peer review process.

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How To Report Ben Naparstek or Edelman Australia to ACCC for Misleading or Unconscionable Behavior.

The ACCC is Australia’s peak consumer protection and competition agency. The ACCC is an autonomous statutory government authority serving the public interest. Most of the ACCC’s enforcement work is executed within the provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the Act).

I have no quarrel with Edelman Australia, except in their recruitment of Ben Naparstek. Nevertheless, I would certainly appeal to Australian consumers to carefully investigate the “public relations” endeavors of Edelman Australia by way of the delegated responsibility given to Ben Naparstek. If you think that their actions can be reasonably considered to be an infringement of Australian Consumer Laws, you can file a complaint by way of the following link:


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