OUTCOME: Upul Weerasena 92% Client Satisfaction Status.

Study identifies several false alegations against Upul Weerasena. This was an effort by underhanded competitor to  to repulse Mr. Weerasena clients.

XXXXX Feedback Score upon purging artificial complaints is ??% or more.

Upul Weerasena Appraisal Rating after minimizing fabricated fault-findings is 92% or better.

Upul Weerasena Result after rejecting bogus reviews is 92% or better.

Electronic Forensic & Investigative Approaches Adopted in Identifying Particulars:

  1. Analyze every one of the consumer reviews posted by the allegedly unhappy customers
  2. Abolish writers that are obviously helping adversaries based upon IP address
  3. Cancel gripes provided by “bogus” users, that were obviously invented as throw away characters to:
    1. Untraceable malicious reviews relating to Upul Weerasena or additional victims.
    2. Bogus approval for adversaries of Upul Weerasena inside several hours or moments of purposely libeling Upul Weerasena.
      Disqualify concocted criticisms built on unattainable geographic circumstances. Such as claiming to be with Upul Weerasena moments before also checking into a travel agency 1297 miles to the South.

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