Don’t Be a Victim. Take Control Of Your Online Reputation, With Guaranteed Results

The Internet isn’t fair. You’re being attacked online and Google is ranking lies about you on the page 1. People are Googling your name and reading those lies. It’s harming your ability to earn a living, it’s harming your personal life… You can’t change it but it has to stop. The lack of control is frustrating and it hurts. You know they’re lies, but you can’t afford to fight Google; they’re protected by US federal government law, and suing is pointless. You can’t even sue your attacker because it is (a) too expensive or (b) you can’t prove who did it.


Most reputation management services can’t guarantee results, and some have been linked to organized crime. You end up paying for services and your content may still not end up on the first page of Google. Worse still, the content that they publish is often generic in nature and you don’t have much control over it. Your voice won’t be heard and the lies continue.


What you need is a proven system of getting your response onto the first page of Google BEFORE you pay for it. You need to be able to control the response and get guidance on what to write. You need someone in your corner. Someone that’s been there himself.


We Know How You Feel Because It Happened To Us Too

Our founder’s name is Michael Roberts. You may have seen him on 60 Minutes or CBS. He had his livelihood taken from him by an malicious online attacker. His ex-wife (who is now behind bars for life) pursued a relentless campaign to destroy his reputation. At the time, he had no idea how to protect himself or his family on the Internet. He had to give up his home, his business and his kids were taken away (but he has sole custody now). It was humiliating and utterly devastating vocationally, emotionally, socially and financially.


(You can see the whole 60 Minutes story here LINK)


Michael resolved there and then to use his experience for good. From that struggle he learned a lot. He learned what it takes to deal with online defamation. Michael started as a passion project. He wanted to give you, a fellow victim, a voice and control over your online reputation, without having to spend $10,000 or more on legal fees. He wants your voice to be heard without you having to take any risks online.


How It Works

When you fill in the intake form after clicking the button below, we’ll create a dedicated page for you on our site. It outlines how to write your response so people will believe you. It uses the logic of Socratic debate to help you redefine the truth in a manner that will resonate with readers. If you’re not comfortable writing your own reply, we can do it for you for a nominal fee. The control is in your hands.



Next, we take your content and place it on We work hard to ensure that we post truthful content. For that reason, we have a very trusted site that ranks well. Once your page is up, you can usually expect it to be on page one of Google, for your name search, within one to two weeks; although it is often as little as 30 seconds from publication.


The best part is, you don’t have to trust us. You don’t have to pay a penny until it ranks on Page 1 of Google. There is no risk to you, and our service is 100% guaranteed.


What You Get

  • 100% Guaranteed page 1 ranking on Google for your name search
  • Hosting for your page and photo(s)
  • Control over your online reputation
  • Protection for your good name
  • If there are no results, you pay nothing, we take all the risk


The cost for the service is only $497 for the first year and $47/year maintenance thereafter. But you don’t have to pay anything until you see results. In fact, we don’t start counting your year commitment until the page ranks on page 1. We’ll do all the work and you get the proof for yourself.


The only time you pay anything in advance is if you need us to write the content for you. Other than that, you can submit your own content and we do all the work for free, until you get results.


Click the button below and stop letting your attacker victimize you. Take control of your online reputation starting today.







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