What are Google’s Removal Policies?

Google Removal Policies & Search Deletion Help


Here we will help you to understand the Google Removal Policy for your country, if you need help, just contact us. We have included self-help tactics to improve your first impressions in a Goole Search. This can reduce the lost customers, and tarnishing of your name or Trademarks because of defamatory Google Search results.

Google Removal Policy for USA Residents:

Tragically, in the USA Google is immune to liability for defamation when they publish false and damaging search results. This is due to the inappropriately named legislation titled “Section 230(C) of The Communications Decency Act.”

USA SUMMARY: Google will usually not remove damaging search results for your name or your brand, without a court order if you are in the United States.

Alternative Search Repair Option if Denied Under Google’s Removal Policies

Our team can provide you with effective “search result suppression services,” where we will attempt to remove unfavorable content from the high ranking Google results. Try generating a quote using the following form. If you cannot justify the expense, ask us for our free DIY guides.

USA/Global (www.google.com)
Argentina (www.google.com.ar)
Australia (www.google.com.au)
Austria (www.google.at)
Belgium (www.google.be)
Brasil (www.google.com.br)
British Virgin Islands (www.google.vg)
Bulgaria (www.google.bg)
Canada (www.google.ca)
Chile (www.google.cl)
Colombia (www.google.com.co)
Croatia (www.google.hr)
Cyprus (www.google.com.cy)
Czech (www.google.cz)
Denmark (www.google.dk)
Finland (www.google.fi)
France (www.google.fr)
Germany (www.google.de)
Greece (www.google.gr)
Hong Kong (www.google.com.hk)
Hungary (www.google.hu)
India (www.google.co.in)
Indonesia (www.google.co.id)
Israel (www.google.co.il)
Italia (www.google.it)
Japan (www.google.co.jp)
Lithuania (www.google.lt)
Malaysia (www.google.com.my)
Mexico (www.google.com.mx)
Netherlands (www.google.nl)
New Zealand (www.google.co.nz)
Norway (www.google.no)
Panama (www.google.com.pa)
Philippines (www.google.com.ph)
Poland (www.google.pl)
Portugal (www.google.pt)
Puerto Rico (www.google.com.pr)
Romania (www.google.ro)
Russia (www.google.ru)
Saudi Arabia (www.google.com.sa)
Singapore (www.google.com.sg)
Slovak (www.google.sk)
Slovenia (www.google.si)
South Africa (www.google.co.za)
South Korea (www.google.co.kr)
Spain (www.google.es)
Sweden (www.google.se)
Switzerland (www.google.ch)
Taiwan (www.google.com.tw)
Thailand (www.google.co.th)
Turkey (www.google.com.tr)
UAE (www.google.ae)
United Kingdom (www.google.co.uk)

Google’s Removal Policies in Australia, UK, NZ, Canada, South Africa and other common-law countries

If you reside in a Commonwealth country or other non-US nation, you may have better luck than Americans who are being defamed through Google. Our clients can often completely delete defamatory search results completely from Google search index, this is because Google is not shielded by the US immunity laws listed above.

GEO-BLOCKING NOTE: If Google does agree to the removal of certain unfavorable search results about you, it will usually only happen through “geo-blocking”. This would mean that the results will be hidden from view only for people conducting searches from within your country, for example Australia, but not for people within the United States or other countries.

You can initiate a deletion request pursuant to Google’s Removal Policies for these countries here.


What to do if your request is denied under Google’s Removal Policies

If Google refuses your request for deletion of damaging search results. You can request professional assistance using the above form. Simply enter your name, your brand, or whatever other such term is causing you difficulties, and our system will generate a quote automatically.

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