How To Contact Google Legal Department for Subpoena Compliance

How To Contact Google Legal Department

Contact Google Legal Department

IMPORTANT: Before your lawyer spends time and money preparing a subpoena for Google, make sure that he or she knows how much information Google holds to help your case. It is imperative that your law firm engages the services of an Internet litigation support expert who knows Google inside-out; and what to ask for. If you do not ask for it, Google will not give it to you, and your case probably depends on evidence that you do not even know exists.

Michael Roberts is a licensed private investigator who specializes in digital forensics. By engaging Michael and his team for your Internet-related lawsuit, you will likely save many thousands of dollars in legal fees, as well as achieving a much faster resolution for your case. Your costs are reduced because Michael comes alongside your attorneys and helps them identify the path of least resistance for proving your case while avoiding unnecessary and expensive “fishing expeditions”.

How to Test  Your Attorneys Commitment To Your Advocacy.

A good test for the character and commitment of your law firm will be there response to your suggestion that Michael’s help might benefit your case. Unfortunately, attorneys who are more focused on their billable hours, than the success of your case, will dismiss the suggestion of securing expert, outside help as unnecessary.

Legal Case Studies

You can review Michael’s case studies and success stories here.

Detailed Instructions For Contacting Google Legal Department

Michael has published  comprehensive instructions about contacting Google’s legal department here.

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