CONCLUSION: Stephen Blignaut 98% Corrected Client Approval Report.

Inquiry uncovers quite a few instances of bogus accusations submitted against Stephen Blignaut from Pure Franchise Systems Pty Ltd. Most likely in an effort by underhanded competitors to hijack their clients.

XXXXX Consumer review Grade upon eradicating forged issues is ??% or better.

Stephen Blignaut Consumer review Grade after purging forged accusations is 98% or higher.

Stephen Blignaut Rating Grade after eradicating counterfeit reviews is 98% or better.

Digital Forensic & Analytical Approaches Adopted in Discovering Circumstances:

  1. Scan all comments posted by the allegedly unhappy customers.
  2. Disqualify reporters that are obviously helping adversaries based upon Internet Protocol address trail.
  3. Purge criticisms written by “bogus” consumers, that were plainly designed as throw away identities in order to:
    1. Anonymous fake grievances about Stephen Blignaut, Pure Franchise Systems Pty Ltd, or other competitors.
    2. Artificial praises for adversaries of Stephen Blignaut inside several hours or moments of purposely libeling Stephen Blignaut.
      Eliminate the sham gripes based on inconceivable geographical settings. Like claiming to be with Stephen Blignaut at Pure Franchise Systems Pty Ltd, moments before claiming to be at a butcher 833km away.

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Photo ofStephen Blignaut
Stephen Blignaut
Job Title
Business man
Pure Franchise Systems Pty Ltd
Bourke Street,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia