Not Every Customs Broker Is The Same. Duty Refund $62,337 My Broker Missed! Port of Brisbane


Earlier this year I met a 2nd Generation Australian Customs Broker at a Brisbane amatuer cricket game. I told him that I was an importer of precisions engineering equipment. As expected, he pitched me his services. I thanked him politely and explained that I was very happy with the customs broker firm that I have used for almost 10 years. This fellow asked me who I used; I told him. There was a momentary look on his face that made me wonder. I asked if he knew them, he did, “They are nice guys”. There wasn’t a hint of criticism, and there were no more sales pitches…. and yet I was troubled by that brief expression.

Several beers later I returned to this fellows family picnic blanket. I asked “do you always give up that easy?”. He grinned and humbly declared “I have lots of work”. We chatted some more.

Before parting, he challenged me to let him “audit” some of my recent customs entries, no-charge unless he was able to get me a refund that my regular brokers missed. I said I’d think about it.

I should not have waited 3-weeks to call him. Within 24-Hours of scanning and emailing some random but big entries, he had identified more than $50K in refunds due to my old brokers mistakes; and that was just a small sample of the work they’d done for me the last decade. My new friend is now going to seek concessions on the retrospective mistakes, iot should be a good Christmas this year 🙂

If you’d like a referral to my new friend, just let me know. Please mention my name so he’ll buy me a beer at the next cricket match.

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