A new era of individualized and effective medicine is emerging, and Lile Wellness Partners is at the forefront, leading the way in this innovative approach. One of these techniques is compounding medicine. The method is the way that pharmacists of previous generations used to by hand make medication for a patient that was prescribed by a doctor. Unlike modern drug creation and distribution, compounding pharmacists used to take a script and onsite in their pharmacy to create the prescribed medication. 

Practitioners are Returning to Compound Medicine

This practice ceased after World War II. It was overtaken by drug companies that create drugs according to studies that would drive the pharmaceutical industry to provide general medicines. These formulas were based on studying the average needs of the population, rather than compound pharmacy’s individualized approach. While profit margins rapidly increased, what also grew was dissatisfaction in the effectiveness of these scripts, lack of personalized treatment, and even harmful impacts of these drugs. 

Commercially available medications are monitored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); they are readily available at a variety of retail pharmacies without a complete understanding of an individual’s physical makeup and needs. This lack of personalized medicine has led many doctors to recommend a compound pharmacy. This type of medication is monitored by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), licenses compound pharmacies. Licensed compounding pharmacists work with a patient’s doctor, who writes the script and monitors the medication’s effectiveness.

Lile Wellness Partners Practices Compound Medicine

The founder of Lile Wellness Partners could see that modern medicine should be as tailored to the individual as possible in order to see them experience health effects. The founder is one of the only doctors in the world to be a registered medical doctor and a compound pharmacist. Her team at Lile Wellness Partners has created a medical practice that runs several tests and time with clients to understand their health history and lifestyle factors. This personal approach allows the team to get to the root of the health issue and then design a unique formula that works with their unique physical makeup. They have created over 7000 individual pharmaceutical scripts to suit each patient’s needs.

Dr. Laura Lile, a compound pharmacist, monitors the prescription’s effectiveness and can adjust the medication as needed. Her patients receive the benefit of medicines that are made specifically for them, based on their individual needs. This customized script results in less adverse effects of incompatible medication and efficiently assists patients in regaining their health. Dr. Lile believes that a return to compound medicine will result in more effective prescriptions, but also work to avoid harmful drugs and prevent undesirable side effects. Her practice Lile Wellness Partners is committed to walking with individuals to find the most suitable health plan to lead them back to vitality.

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