How To Make A RipOffReport Response

Disclaimers – You Must Understand That:

  1. Although tests indicate high rankings are likely, there are NO GUARANTEES as to how high your Authorized Statement will rank in search results.
  2. You will be sent instructions about how to make it rank higher.
  3. When ordering/publishing an Authorized Statement, you are doing so based on your own due diligence.
  4. The small fee charged is only for publication, not for results.
  5. The organizers of this initiative are doing so “for the cause“. They have invested tens of thousands of dollars of their own money and hundreds of hours in research. They could make lots more money working for big-business PR Firms at $600 per hour than they facilitating this service. So no complaints please, just constuctive suggestions or help OK?

How To Order An Authorized Statement:

  1. Watch this brief video to demonstrate a test case. [VIDEO LINK]
  2. Click the “Make a statement” form at the bottom of this page.
  3. Choose either:
    1. A simple $50.00 pre-worded statement (with numerous options) OR;
    2. A customized $200.00 statement option where you can author your own statement and submit for our approval.
  4. Submit the appropriate payment.

What We Will Not Permit To Be Published

  1. No language that might be deemed as exacting revenge against another.
  2. No allegations against third parties, with the exception of denials about what third parties have said about you.
    1. Note: We will permit hyperlinks to your own websites without many restrictions. You can say whatever you wish on those pages.

What We Will Not Permit To Be Published

  1. The reason we do not allow potentially defamatory material is because we do not wish to be sued in court for the things you say.
  2. We offer this service in the hope that you will have a loud voice to respond to your accusers.
  3. Your Authorized Statement will hopefully appear on page one of Google and from there the links included therein can point to other pages that you control, but lack high Google ranking.


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