VICTORY AGAINST Judge Rules Our Boycott is Protected Speech!

Pursuant to: vs Common Decency
Arizona Case CV2013-012936  

Download copy of Michael Roberts Motion for Summary Judgement (Request for Dismissal). Oral arguments set for hearing July 28, 2015 at 8:30 a.m.

BREAKING NEWS: Darren Meade’s defense attorney accused by prosecutor of leaking info to RipOffRepoprt owner Ed Magedson, including a plea bargain offer for Meade to turn on Ed Magedson. [Download Court Filing for Watson Hearing]

First Criminal Indictment Issued Against Operative Darren M. Meade [Sept 2nd, 2014] Download Indictment Judge Denies Request to Dismiss Prosecutor Ben Smith from Case

Jul 2014: CRIMINAL WARRANT ISSUED: Download the Criminal Warrant that details owner Ed Magedson’s Witness Tampering and other crimes against Boycott Founder Michael Roberts.

$113,000 in legal fees incurred defending the legal challenges by Ripoffreport.

This Boycott is protected speech under the US First Amendment. However, attorneys for Ripoff Report misled the Judge into issuing a temporary injunction with false allegations.

On November 22nd, 2013, Hon. Judge Randall H. Warner denied Ripoff Report’s Request for a preliminary injunction against our boycott. He ruled that “everything” within our boycott websites was protected speech under the First Amendment”

Download the Court Order: Common Decency prevails over

In “Xcentric Ventures LLC v. Michael Roberts and Common Decency, Inc”, Ripoff Report sued us in Arizona State Court for staging an internet boycott of companies that do business with Ripoff Report through his websites and

Watch the Court Testimony of Michael Roberts Against’s Alleged Criminal Activities


Attorney Adam Kunz, Xcentric’s general counsel, testified that the boycott had caused Ripoffreport to cease sales efforts for their “Verified” program because we had put Ed Magedson on notice that:


“I expect that you are henceforth morally obliged to include in your contracts (in big print not small) a disclosure explaining that if they enter into an agreement with you, then they will certainly see, within a few days, at least two new Google search results for their business or personal name highlighting their relationship with you.”
[Copy of email]

On November 18, 2013, the Superior Court of Maricopa County denied Ripoff Report’s request to enjoin the speech of our team, finding our activities protected as free speech under the First Amendment. The Court wrote:

“Defendant Roberts is free to stage an internet boycott of Xcentric, and is free to include in the boycott those who do business with it. Both his threat to boycott those who do business with Xcentric and his postings that make good on the threat are protected speech, so long as all he does is expose their decision to do business with Xcentric.”


”Xcentric Ventures, LLC v. Roberts & Common Decency, Inc”, Sup. Ct. Ariz. CV 2013-012936 (Maricopa Cty. Nov. 18. 2013).

Next step: We will be requesting damages for being wrongfully enjoined.

Post Hearing Final Brief Submitted by Boycott Team (PDF)

SHAM: As a disguise, and in order to circumvent the protection afforded to this legitimate boycott by the First Amendment, attorneys Adam Kunz and Maria Crimi Speth deceived the Honorable Judge Randall Warner of Maricopa County Superior Court. Based on Xcentric’s initial filings which we believe were made in bad faith, the Judge acted appropriately, although he accepted the allegations in good faith, he has subsequently corrected the wrongful allegations and vindicated myself and my boycott company, Common Decency, Inc.

Xcentric Ventures, LLC DBA, through its attorney Maria Crimi Speth accused me of being responsible for the website, thereby attributing the allegedly defamatory content therein to this legitimate boycott movement.

My official statement & disavow of involvement in is found here

Also, in an act of apparent desperation,’s attorney Maria Crimi Speth accused me of sending death threats to her by email. Read the full account here.

More information to follow soon.’s default judgment against which require search engines to remove pages from search results.

Downloads: vs Common Decency Arizona Case CV2013-012936 Original Complaint as Filed.

20131004 Order to Show Cause.pdf

20131009 Temporary Restraining Order with Notice and Notice of Status Conference – Signed October 9, 2013.pdf

Xcentric Ventures, LLC DBA Closing Brief

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