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Michael Roberts Page1.me

Michael Roberts, CEO of Page1.me Investigations is a criminal and civil prosecution support professional and Licensed Investigator.

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Michael Roberts CEO of Page1.me

Michael Roberts Page1.me Consulted United States Marshalls:

In Q3 2013, Michael participated as a contract operative in the aftermath of a 2-month interstate manhunt for a homicide suspect had failed to find the accused. Roberts efficaciously discovered” the killer” in under 2-hours, leading to his capture by U.S. MARSHALS thereafter.

Michael Roberts Page1.me organized internet forensics and ethical hacker training programs for the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army, National Guard and Marine Corps.. Various other patrons include The Australian DoD, NATO and the United Nations, to name just a few.

Michael typically advises private law enforcement clients, whether that be helping bullied students, celebrities, CEOs and legislators.

In 2012 Michael’s endeavors brought about criminal imputations being dismissed against a falsely arrested parent who was jailed for 12 days. It had been alleged that he sent computerized death threats to his ex-wife. Roberts began a sting operation and established that the threats were actually transmitted by the supposed target to herself, apparently in an attempt to receive an advantage in child custody battle.

In 2012, Mr. Roberts provided Fairfax Media’s “The Age” a scoop, when he positively identified the man behind the fraudulent stock manipulation/takeover bid for David Jones Department Stores.

Michael has been featured in the media on a regular basis due to his successful results in tracking anonymous stalkers and antagonists.

Michael Roberts Page1.me was named by the investigative columnist as:

“… an absolute secret weapon for any serious reporter”.

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