Download the form and save yourself from a personal trip to an opera store. Is it absurd that Optus makes you go to one of their shops physically, to pick up a form that you cannot even fill out and leave at that same shop? So, you waste an hour of your day traveling to the store, to pick up a blank form to take it home to complete, and then fax or email it to a different Optus office. That is so last century….

So here are the instructions:

  1. Download the attached form Manual Forms- Porting Reversal Authorisation Form OPTUS16809/XXXXXXX (XX/XX)
  2. Complete only the first page unless you have multiple phone numbers, if that is the case complete the entire form.
    1. “MSN” = the phone number including area code
    2. “Current service account number/reference number” = the account number from the other phone companies such as Telstra, or whoever took your phone number without your authorization or by mistake. If you don’t have it, described “not available”
  3. Once you have completed the form and email it to:

I would also recommend emailing it to your local Optus store if you can find her address. For example, the Optus Shop at the Chermside Westfield Shopping Centre is “

You can look for many Optus email addresses here, just change “Sydney” in the search bar to the name of your local store:””+sydney

Also try live chat: