SMEARED: Granger Whitelaw Responds To Online defamation and Cyber-Stalking Attacks

For Immediate Release May 19, 2013


--- BEGIN Authorized Statement ---

My family has been made aware of the aspersions cast against me through the website Although posted pseudonymously, we know the identity of the individual responsible (operating under numerous aliases).


I have no intention of engaging in an online debate with this party. A jury of our peers will settle the quarrel between us.


A Message to prospective associates and business partners:


A cursory review of the poison-penned diatribe posted on the gossip website reveals numerous inconsistencies and logical fallacies clearly intended to cause harm to my loved ones and me. If the stories survive your initial critical assessment, I invite you to contact any of my numerous references, a list can be provided upon request.


--- END Authorized Statement ---


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