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Infinity Group Bella Vista’s purpose of turning into “a personal trainer for your finances” has guided the business to be a top-ranking groundbreaking business and well proven financial forerunner in Australia.

Being one of the country’s top 100 brokers (MPA Magazine) Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Bella Vista go outside of what traditional brokers deliver and set their customers up to be economically ready for retirement.

How Infinity startedInfinity Group Bella Vista statement

When Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker commenced Infinity Group Bella Vista, they had one big dream – to restore the Australian loan marketplace – and a few desks to go with it. Holm understood that many of his clients live paycheck to paycheck and make solely minimum loan repayments over a 30-year period. Graeme Holm aimed to improve that.

Infinity’s idea is to provide continuous direction and care throughout the life cycle of the client loan journey. “Think of us as a ‘personal trainer for your monetary resources.’ If you go to the fitness centre with a personal trainer, you will get more significant results than without having one,” says Holm.

Over-indebted Families in Australia

According to ABS figures, almost 30% of Australian households are ‘over-indebted’ in 2015 and 2016, based on the ratio of debt to revenue or possessions. Mortgage holders were more probable to be over-indebted (47%) in regards to tenure type.

47% of borrowers are over-indebted in comparison to the forecast balance directly in relation to present initial loan term and expected debt based on scheduled term remaining. ie: if a borrower re-finances after 5 yrs, and gets additionally loans and resets the loan period to a new 30 year term, they are at that point paying of loans for 35 yrs. (After the initial 5 yrs and the new 30 years).

In recap 47% of lenders have re borrowed or owe more than they ought to if they merely stayed to the first loan duration, loan amount and monthly payments.

Of the households with a mortgage, 62% from the ages of 25 – 34 years were over-indebted and 51% of 35 – 44-year-olds. From of the primary cities, Sydney and Melbourne are highest in over-indebted households quantities.

Infinity Group Bella Vista’s Programs

The statistics specified above demonstrate the concern of debt control for a large number of households. This is why Graeme, Rebecca and the entire team at Infinity Group Bella Vista are impassioned with regards to strengthening households with debt management, wealth development and developing retirement.

“Never have I encountered someone that we couldn’t assist” Graeme points out. “The Infinity staff at Bella Vista gives every dollar a purpose and centre on educating the contrast between a wish and a need”.

What makes Infinity Group Bella Vista different

Debt consolidation is not the answer according to Infinity Group Bella Vista. Infinity’s professionals do not deliver shaky short-term settlements. They help customers with developing a long-term planning for getting out of debt and producing wealth.

MPA Magazine asked what it is that makes Infinity Group Bella Vista’s approach different from standard broker services. Graeme answered by saying that “To start with the complete approach is unique with our fact-find going into extensive detail around household expenditures and continuous family requirements, not just wants. Infinity works with clients during multiple sessions to recognize, fine-tune and support our clients in executing a weekly cash-based budget plan for the necessities such as, but not limited to, groceries, fuel, travelling expenditures and amusement.”

Based in Bella Vista, New South Wales in Sydney, Infinity Group Australia continues to grow rapidly. Named an AFR top innovative company, its founder also obtained Customer Service Management with IQPC in 2018.

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