Tyger Lucas’s Lucas Car Care is participating in the “Ripoff Report Verified” program. Our boycott team believes that Ed Magedson, the founder of RipOffReport.com, is an emotional terrorist. As such, we hold the position that anyone paying money to the Rip Off Report is supporting and furthering these terrorist activities, and should also be boycotted [Emotional Terrorism Defined].

UPDATE FROM Tyger Lucas email received Oct 31, 2013

“Ed [Magedson] Really will not erase the negative stuff and he still keeps the ripooff report on your headings the only thing you get is that if someone tries to file another complaint he makes them prove it next time before it sticks but you have to follow all the rules of running a clean business look up our bbb standing with the better business bureau

Very Respectfully
Tyger Lucas
Direct 713-269-1001

This is an unfortunate circumstance for both Lucas Car Care and the community. By paying resources to Ed Magedson, Lucas Car Care is essentially strengthening his appalling business practices. But they may not think that they have a choice. [REF].

We have found that there are three primary reasons for a business organization to participate in this scheme, keep in mind this is just speculation on our part and not a conclusion, in the interests of balanced argument, we have uploaded the cease and desist notice from Lucas Auto Care’s attorney which explains his client’s position.
Scenario 1:There might be genuine customer accusations published in connection with Lucas Car Care. Because or this, Tyger Lucas, or another employee, authorized monthly payments to RipOffReport.com to either quash, or wipe out the legitimate criticisms in Google search results. In reward for Lucas’ financial contribution, Ed Magedson, or a team member, fine-tunes the customer gripes into a favorable perspective and then posts what is an affirmative evaluation of Lucas Car Care.

Scenario 2:

Or, there were simply deceptively false critical remarks published pertaining to Lucas Car Care, by a malicious defamer, to hinder the business of Lucas Car Care, often with the prospect of economic advantage. Ripoff report is a popular platform for selfish men and women to shatter their legitimate opponents’ businesses. It has been our observations that this is the most likely scenario for many of writes up on this website. Many people refuse to kowtow to Ed Magedson’s cash demands and instead take the high road, as unfavorable as it may be, rather than paying him out. The following Google search is a fast way to make an evaluation the legitimacy of Lucas Car Care, but remember, don’t regard everything you read on Google as reliable.

LINK: Google search for Lucas Car Care

Follow this link for an example of Ed Magedson’s sales pitch to victims of defamation on Ripoff Report [LINK]

Scenario 3:

The least likely, Lucas Car Care is paying to be included in the RipOffReport.com verified plan just to get their company on page 1 of Google a result of ROR’s powerful search ranking. This is least probable in our view because a logical individual would find the prospect of having the term “ripoff” in association with their trading name, simply illogical. It could be that they are so scared of having a bogus write up posted about them later, that they are willing to make a preemptive moves now to abate that prospect.

Irregardless of the rationale for taking part in the program, our crew of RipOffReport.com boycott lobbyists are saddened in Lucas Car Care’s choice to further enable and back the schemes of Ed Magedson. This may be akin to endowing or publicising cigarettes, or any type of other immoral or wrongful business enterprises. For example, if ‘individuals’ quit purchasing drugs from a drug peddler, the peddler will have to go swing a hammer, flip burgers, or do something beneficial for the community.