AUTHORIZED STATEMENT by Dr. D Ivan Young in Response to Ripoff Report Anonymous Complaint Houston TX

I’ve been in practice in excess of ten years. Never have I had one complaint, until one day I happened upon an anonymous complaint alleging things that I’ve never done, nor would do.

I immediately contacted ripoff report wanting to resolve any issue that any current or former client could have, only to be offered to pay 10k to make the complaint go away and be endorsed by RipoffReport. I refused to pay the money. Then they offered me a 5k deal with a payment plan. There was absolutely no concern for the “alleged” complaining party which I ask about over and over again. Then I had to threaten them and follow it up by cc’ing them in an email to the Arizona Attorney General so that I’d be allowed to make a rebuttal statement in my defense. I was told I’d be limited to 250 characters in my statement.

Since then my reputation and my business has suffered tremendously.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. D Ivan Young
Houston TX