For Immediate Release January 23, 2015


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Malicious Smear Campaign Against Capital Alliance Group

Malicious Smear Campaign Against Capital Alliance Group

Ripoff Report’s very existence, while operating under a thin veneer of championing consumer’s rights absolutely makes undertaking nefarious acts of retaliation very simple and effective for anyone of that nature to carry out. This causes Ripoff Report, which appears to be a helpful resource, if only on the surface, to actually completely undermine a business owner’s ability to successfully carry out effective due diligence.

If you’re a business owner and you’re looking to acquire a loan from a company such as Capital Alliance Group, the most intelligent thing you can do is commit yourself to carrying out thorough due diligence on the company to make sure they are completely legitimate. One of the main things an individual is going to do when carrying out due diligence is to take a look at Capital Alliance Group’s reviews that have been posted online. A simple Google search will reveal a great deal.

The only problem with internet reviews is the lingering doubt of whether they can be trusted. There is no official vetting process for the individuals that post reviews online; there are more often than not details left unsaid and another entire side of the story that is not being disclosed by the reviewer. In some cases, a client may maliciously attempt to sully a respectable company’s good reputation for reasons that may not fully be clear, such as in the case of one reviewer that had received a conditional pre-approval but was trying to defraud Capital Alliance by omitting some material facts as to the financial health of her business in order to get funding. Then when the underwriting department discovered the ruse and she was denied the loan she was seeking, she immediately went to Ripoff Report and made sure to post a scathing review in which she portrays Capital Alliance Group as being a “scam”, of course conveniently leaving out the fact that she was denied the loan because her fraud suddenly made her ineligible for financing. Or how about this very common scenario that companies of all walks of life have to deal with on an alarmingly regular basis; the case of a rogue employee that was justifiably terminated for poor performance, upset about being let go, and desires to inflict damage to the company’s reputation as a means of exacting retribution?

Because the site is constructed to let any person post on it without any sort of concern for accountability or any kind of screening process whatsoever and combined with their policy to stubbornly refuse to remove anything that has been posted no matter what the circumstances may be, they have fostered an environment where anyone can literally defame anyone or anything and rather anonymously too; and then on top of that they are very nearly guaranteed excellent rankings in the search engine results as well.

And so what is the end result of these fraudulent reviews that are intended to harm and defame? If we take this to a logical conclusion we can see that posting an inaccurate review designed to harm a company like Capital Alliance Group doesn’t just hurt Capital Alliance, but also the small business that may need financing but decides not to seek a loan out from them due to the disparaging review they saw online. Maybe they end up instead running into the arms of an actual fly-by-night scam company whose presence in the industry is so tenuous that not only do they not have any bad reviews, they don’t have any reviews. Or maybe they even go as far as to post their own fake reviews in glowing terms. The small business then gets taken for suckers by this company of scoundrels and ends up failing as a result.

Now hypothetically, what if this scenario were to play out on such a grand scale that numerous small businesses end up failing because they are unable to get financing from a reputable company, such as a company like Capital Alliance Group, who also ends up failing as well because they cannot profit and sustain themselves as a business due to being unjustly depicted and defamed as a scam?

Small businesses provide 2/3rds of the net new jobs in this country and once upon a time were able to depend on financing from traditional lenders, such as banks. But banks are currently no longer lending to small businesses. Therefore, there is a great need for a company like Capital Alliance to provide them with indispensible financing to help them grow and thrive. If small businesses are unable to receive this funding the end result is that America itself is what really ends up failing.

Small businesses need capital and banks will not provide it. Companies like Capital Alliance group are out there, but if lenders like them can’t survive because of the harm inflicted by libelous reviews posted by contemptuous individuals angry over their own illegitimate circumstances, our entire nation and all of us in it will suffer in the long run.

When performing due diligence on companies such as Capital Alliance by scouring their online reviews, keep in mind to scrutinize just as diligently the party that posted the review—because they just might have an axe to grind with a hidden agenda and may be scornfully posting reviews in some ill-conceived plan to “get back” at the company for reasons that have nothing to do with its actual realistic integrity and legitimacy. Capital Alliance is one of the most legitimate companies in the alternative lending industry.

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