DEFAMED: Babette O’Reilly’s Responds to Anguishing Internet Defamation – Yellow Springs, Ohio

Defamed: Babette O'Reilly

Defamed: Babette O’Reilly

The effects of internet defamation, slander and libel can be, and are, devastating to many. These effects reach beyond the intended victim. Families suffer, relationships strain, financial hardships, and the future grows difficult. The destruction continues for the victim long after the words written in momentary anger are produced and the offenders have disappeared. Courts and law enforcement are extremely limited as to how they can stop this type of bullying. Once the victims are able to prove, in court, that the statements were false, it may still take a long time for Google to remove the posts. In the meantime, victims and their families remain forced to live within the confines of this “new identity“, to hide and spend years redefining themselves.

What the world says of us, is not what God sees in us. We are worthy. We are strong. We continue to fight the good fight.

It is my hope that those who read harmful words or statements about others, especially via the internet, will make the extra effort to investigate for themselves. Relying not on words written from the protection of a screen, but of their own findings and conclusions.

Respectfully submitted,

Babette O’Reilly