DISAPPOINTING: David Stephen O’Neill’s Non-Disclosure of Pre-existing Damage Sydney NSW

David Stephen O’Neill’s Assurances Did Not Match Facts

Below is a screenshot of the text messages David Stephen O’Neill sent me while negotiating on the purchase of his vehicle:


Whereas, below is the actual damage that he did not disclose, as reported by the Landrover repair place:

“Hi Michael

As per our phone conversation here are the faults we have found with your
discovery 4 on arrival at our workshop

(1) Rhf headlight has been gutted and replaced with cheap HID light
(2) Lhf headlight gutted and replaced with cheap hid light,
(3) Radiator support panel cracked
(4) Grill broken and siliconed in place

Any questions please feel free to give me a call”

I purchased this vehicle from Steve O’Neill based on what I thought to be his good faith and comprehensive disclosure of the Landrover’s past. When I later questioned Steve about this by SMS text message, it is clear that he was aware of the accident, and his efforts to obtain a cheap repair while bypassing insurance, while leading me to believe of the repairs “…that I got done for insurance” (See above SMS transcript).

I am seeking AUD2,500.00 reimbursement from D. Steve O’Neill, for the repair costs for damages that he appears to have covered up, in order to dump the car.  His SMS assurances to me were not accurate, had he been accurate, I would not have bought the car.