Geoffrey Hull Responds to Malicious Internet Smear Campaign

Authorized Statement by Geoffrey Hull

I have recently discovered the publication of disturbing allegations about me online.The assertions are harmful not only to myself, but to those with whom I work.

Although posted under a pseudonym, I do know the identity of the individual responsible (operating under numerous aliases).

At this time I have elected not to engage in a public flame war. For now, this statement and the links herein will be all I have to say

I deny the allegations made against me in the referenced publications. I am formally requesting that my detractor submit to binding arbitration to settle this matter. If you agree, I will waive my rights to court remedies.

Prospective clients please note:

I trust that an objective reader can see that the attacks are replete with ambiguities and factual errors.

A person’s character is defined by their deeds, not by mud that is thrown by anonymous, bitter or biased critics. I look forward to having my reputation restored and humbly request that I not be judged on the basis of this smear campaign.

My References:

A list of reliable character witnesses can be provided upon request should you require third party opinions.