JT Foxx reviews the JT Foxx Way to make millions

JT Foxx is a Canadian born American businessman and well-known business and wealth coach. He is seen as a very skillful salesperson, straightforward, and highly persuasive.

JT Foxx reviews his ways to make millions.

Make the right decisions.

JT foxx reviews how to make up to 5 million in 18 months

What do I mean by that? In today’s market, you are one wrong decision away from a step back for a long time and one right decision away from forever changing your life. So here is how I live my life. If I don’t do X, whatever X is, I miss out on what could have happened, what deal I could have had, etc. Everything that has ever happened in my life has been a result of saying yes. Think about this. You weren’t sure whether to come here to my event, but you did. You said yes. Now you could meet one person, and you guys become business partners, making ten to fifteen million dollars. You are building an empire, all because you came here. Or you might meet people here who may not be able to help you, but they know somebody. But you have to make the right decisions. It starts by saying yes.

Speed of implementation.

How successful we are going to be, depends on the moment that we come up with an idea to the moment we implement it. Take action now. Dreams don’t come true; visions do. You have to implement fast. Don’t postpone till next time or tomorrow. For the next six days, you need to get up early, and you need to go to bed late. Remember, one person can change your life. And if you know somebody but you can’t help them, do a 3-way email to introduce them to someone who could help. When you see speakers or meet other business influencers, add them to Facebook because you never know the connections that could bring.

Re-valuate what you are doing every three to four months.

I want you to re-evaluate everything you’re doing in your life. Evaluate what’s working and what’s not working every three to four months and know why it isn’t working. Is it because we haven’t implemented yet, or we did implement it, but it’s not working. Are there minor tweaks that we can do, or do we kill it? Most of us do things that don’t work, or we stop doing things that used to work. That is why, every three to four months, you should re-evaluate your business model.

Stop getting referrals.

Only broke people make referrals. I have never heard a billionaire asking if someone would like a referral. Instead, make introductions. Infiltrate the circle of influencers. Sometimes you may not do business with that person, but you can get into their circle, and as a result of that circle of influence, you meet all these people, and they may do business with you.

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