JT Foxx Scam Response to Haters

JT Foxx scam shares tips for getting haters to stop.

JT Foxx scam responseUnfortunately, when you make positive changes or become successful, people will start to hate you. This happens when people start with fitness or start a new business. It also happened to JT Foxx. When he became successful as an entrepreneur and wealth coach, people started calling him a JT Foxx scam and some defended him, including clients. He will share his best tips to deal with haters because of his experience with false rumors and hate.

Firstly, when people start being negative towards you, ignore them, JT Foxx scam says. You don’t have to smile at their sarcastic jokes, and you most definitely don’t need to defend yourself or look at them whefn they hate on you. People hate on others to get a reaction out of them. So by ignoring them, they are likely to stop. Ignoring someone often works very well to get people to change their behavior.

If you are one-on-one, you can allow an awkward silence to take place. And if you are in a group, go and talk to someone else who is not hating on you.

Secondly, some haters don’t hate directly but are passive-aggressive in their communication. They act as if they are genuine. JT Foxx scam gives the example of someone sarcastically saying that you have a nice sweater. To not give this person the satisfaction of an angry, upset, or other types of strong reaction, you could respond with, “thank you, I’m happy you like it.” This confuses them and does not give the hater the reaction they want. Instead, it forces them to say what they really mean, or it makes them stop. Either way, you are shutting down their passive-aggressive behavior.

Another common type of passive-aggressiveness is people saying, “I could never do that.” For example, you may mention that you live off ramen to save up to move to Nashville to make it in the country scene. The hater may say, “I could never live like that.” Or they look at you as if you are crazy. Your response should be something along the lines of:

“It’s good that we both can make our own decisions for ourselves. If we had to do the same, we would probably be miserable.”

According to JT Foxx scam, this is the type of reaction that will get the hater off your back.

Furthermore, when the negativity comes from people from your inner circle, showing some vulnerability can help. Someone close to you may say that you’ll never make it. You respond that you will make it for reasons A and B. They might respond that those reasons are not good enough. And this going back and forth will continue without resolving anything. Instead, share your values and real concerns.

For example, you might be told that your business will fail. Instead of defending yourself, say, “it might not work out, but I love what I do, and I learn a lot.”

If you share your personal reasons for working on something, people tend to react more positively.

And last but not least, find a community with like-minded people. This is what JT Foxx scam provides with his events. Hate often comes from people close to us who want to stop us from changing. They want you to stay the same, even if it costs you your happiness and your potential. To limit this influence, find a community with like-minded people. Hang out with people who are into what you are into.

You can find a group that suits you by googling your town and the activity that you are into. Meetup.com is also great for finding your people.