Reviews Extortion Site Administrator’s Business Model

Michael Roberts Licensed Private Investigator # 3589109 Journalist # A 10450 LAPC Search Suppression Expert Digital Forensic & Internet Litigation Support Consultant BIO: (Google Search Repair) (Digital Forensics & Investigations Unit) +1-408-916-5977 USA +44 (0) 20 3286 3377 United Kingdom +358 9 2316 9888 Europe +61 (0) 73040 2223 Australia “mrrexx777” Skyp Reviews – Malicious Complaints Means We’re Actually Doing Our Job Well Apparently Reviews took a hit last week after our Founder, Michael Roberts, a Licensed Private Investigator, uncovered and exposed a reputation “Wreck & Repair” scam. The Modus Operandi of the gang is as follows:

  1. Identify professional individuals in traditionally high paying professions (shake-down targets)
  2. Call these targets on burner phones and tell them something to the effect of “I have been told that within two weeks, there is going to be very bad things written about you on the complaint site If this happens, it will rank on the first page of Google, and you will lose many customers. I am in a position to stop that happening; my fee is $700.”

After identifying one of the mid-tier extortionists, the gang turned there vengeful attention to attacking the brand.

Thankfully, we are no stranger to these tactics, and although some malicious and false assertions still appear in Google search from time to time, they are for the most part not credible when read, due to the poor grammar, and inconceivable allegations.

“I just don’t think anyone could be that bad”, said Michael Roberts when discussing the unconscionable conduct that had been alleged.

Michael added: “We eat these hits for breakfast, it is the cost of doing business when our objective is to catche and identify bad-guys. Every time we suceed, we make a new enemy. That’s life, we are good at what we do, so we have lots of enemies. In fact, one friend said our efficiacy is serving our customer’s reputation redemption problems, can probably be measured by the ferocity of our enemies.”

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