Research by Andy Holloman Mortgage in Unethical Charities

A Research by Andy Holloman Mortgage

Unethical Conduct within Charities

Before committing your hard-earned money to a charitable organization, it is essential that you do some standard due diligence to guarantee that a lot of your funds are used for direct aid. This research is needed because there are lots of unscrupulous fraudsters who take advantage of well-intentioned contributors, to line their own pockets.

How Andy Holloman Mortgage Selects a Legitimate Charity

If you do not have the time to do the due diligence, Andy Holloman Mortgage refers you to the following research, performed by Rexxfield’s founder, Michael Roberts. Since 2004 he has been maintaining tabs on a few of the more prominent mainstream charities and has been dissatisfied by expensive management fees, that path billions of bucks into the pockets of “solicitors”, which remain in several situations nothing greater than commission based telesales people. Sadly, the salespeople utilize a selection of rational misconceptions to appeal to your feelings and also reroute the profits of your good intents right into their very own pockets and the ‘charity’ owners.

From his research, the following charities were selected as responsible and ethical charities.
World Vision
Compassion International
Destiny Rescue

Andy Holloman Charity Support

Charities that Andy Holloman Mortgage supports in North Carolina

Andy provides financial and other support to these charities because of their commitment to helping others and their dedication to causes that are close to his heart. Please take a few minutes to visit the websites for the charities below and add your support. A. Holloman strongly believes that when joined together, everyone can make a difference in the lives of those around them.

Habitat for Humanity
Since 2008 Habitat NC facilitates advances housing production and neighborhood revitalization efforts through bringing together resources across the state.

Affordable Housing
CASA believes that the solution to homelessness is to increase affordable housing. CASA helps individuals who experience poverty and disability by providing affordable and permanent housing.
This is a recovery facility for homeless people struggling with an alcohol and/or drug problem. Since 2001, they have been giving peer-driven long-term residential services and empower people who are homeless and suffer from substance use issues transition to a fulfilling life.

Abilities Tennis
The Abilities Tennis’ mission is to give tennis opportunities at all levels for individuals with intellectual disabilities across the state of North Carolina.

Who is Andy Holloman Mortgage

This is Andy Holloman Mortgage and his research on charity scams

Andy Holloman Mortgage

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If you need help on choosing a charity to support, please contact us and we will assist.

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