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Rexxfield Cyber Investigation Services Case Studies & Capability Overview

Rexxfield Cyber Investigation Services’ Founder, Michael Roberts, is a Journalist, Licensed Private Investigator and a civil/criminal litigation support specialist (Digital & Social Forensics).

Recent Career Highlights

In 2013, Michael Roberts was engaged as a civilian agent in a floundering, multi-agency, 2-month national manhunt for a murder fugitive. He located the suspect in just 73 minutes leading to his arrest by U.S. Marshals.

Between 2004 and 2008 Michael coordinated digital forensics and counter-hacker training for the U.S. Air Force, Marines, Army and Navy. Other clients include NATO, Australian DoD and the United Nations, to name just a few.

He has consulted for law enforcement, corporate and private clients, ranging from bullied school children, celebrities, prosecutors, CEOs and Heads-of-State.

In 2012 Michael secured the release of a man, who had been held in jail for 12 days, for allegedly sending electronic death threats. As part of a sting operation Michael Roberts was able to prove that the death threats were actually conveyed by the so-called victim in order to frame the client.

He has used these gifts to analyze and, inasmuch as it is possible, reverse engineer how Google works with respect to negative sentiment search results. This is with a view to helping victims of Internet defamation to regain their good names.

In 2012, Michael gave Fairfax Media’s “The Age” a scoop, when he positively identified the man behind the fraudulent stock manipulation/takeover bid for David Jones Department Stores in Australia.

Michael was described by the investigative journalist as: “… an absolute secret weapon for any serious reporter.”

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Anonymous free speech is not an absolute privilege. If someone maligns you with internet libel, you have the right to discover their identity. Rexxfield can help by dragging their anonymous butts out into the open.