RIPOFF RESPONSE: by Action Energy Reviews – Defamatory Statements Against Our Company Claiming That “We Don’t Exist”

Response to Fake and Malicious Action Energy Reviews

We are completely appalled that ripoffreport would allow someone to anonymously post a bogus claim that our company “doesn’t exist” or that we are whitewash/scam company with out even doing their homework. Our company has been in existence for 4 years and currently services over 300 hundred distributors nationwide. Furthermore, we haven’t had one complaint from any of our licensed distributors. Only these bogus complaints from people who do not even have the courage to identify themselves. Most likely they are people who applied to be distributors of our business, and for who we rejected their applications, or they are employees of Ripoff Report. A judge ruled that Ripoff Report’s business practices are “appalling”. They called us and asked us to pay them $10,000 to remove the bogus posts….it would make sense that their own employees probably posted the bogus complaints.

We have published a complete rebuttal to the bogus, defamatory posts at:

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