Rodd Sala & the Park-Ward Motors Museum: North America’s largest classic Rolls-Royce restorers, maintainers and on-sellers supplying the world-wide market.

Rodd Sala’s Park-Ward Motors Museum


Rodd Sala & The Park-Ward Motors Museum Cary Illinois

Rodd Sala & The Park-Ward Motors Museum Cary Illinois

Park-Ward Motors is North America’s number one classic Rolls-Royce and Bentley restorer, collector and on-seller supplying only the finest condition motor cars world-wide. Our reputation is based upon being the most knowledgeable and experienced in Silver Shadow, Corniche and Bentley equivalent cars and we are proud of being the best in the field. No one can offer a Rolls-Royce or Bentley car to the high caliber we do. This we are very proud of and is what our credibility is built upon.

We are the largest US based on-seller of classic Rolls-Royces supplying these great cars world-wide. International sales and shipping are our specialty.

Rodd Sala is the founder and owner and has been a passionate Rolls-Royce collector for more than 35 years.

We are humble in what we do so potential customers are always very welcome to call Rodd Sala directly to discuss any purchase, repairs, service or restoration needed. Our philosophy is predicated on the understanding not everyone who owns a Rolls-Royce is a zillionaire (nor do you have to be!) so we are happy to discuss and prioritize work on your car to meet your budget. We are great at understanding your needs, likes and desires. We also do bespoke work so if you want to add some of the finer details; picnic tables, new wheels, pin-stripe, colour change, or undertake a major individualized modification you have in mind for your present or future car, we can do so for you. We are also an excellent source for parts, accessories and technical advice.


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