STATEMENT by Dr Margot Holloman in Response to Online Defamation

Dr Margot Holloman Responds to the False Online Reviews

As most people already know, today’s internet is sometimes used by bad people to post fake reviews on sites like and I have become a victim to one of these fraudulent postings. An anonymous reviewer has created a false review and posted it in March 2018. The easiest manner by which anyone can determine the illegitimacy of this posting is the manner in which the reviewer used “keyword stuffing” and repetitive wording to boost the likelihood of the fake review appearing in search engines. They copied any information that they could locate on the web and “stuffed” it into the review. This malicious review is solely about harming my business, not about providing accurate feedback for consumers. Unfortunately, a few unreliable complaint sites do not allow illegitimate postings to be removed. Even when proper evidence is supplied to confirm the fake reviews was done to harm, these review sites will not take steps to have the review removed.  All consumers should have the ability to get proper reviews and feedback on mental health providers,  that is one of the great benefits of the web – the ready availability of information. But, in my case, I know who posted the fraudulent review and they have no connection to my work whatsoever. Please bear this in mind whenever you read reviews on my work or any other mental health provider.

Margot Holloman’s Tips to Conduct Research

When searching for information on service providers, carefully scrutinize the reliability of the review site and its policies on handling complaints, responding to rebuttals, and removing false claims. Just as you can find a great amount of information about any mental heath provider online, you can do the same search to determine the reliability of a review site. If you’re making a decision about any service provider, product, or health professional, visit several sites, not just the first one that is displayed in a search. In the case of the fraudulent review that was posted about me, it was maliciously created with the sole purpose of harming my business, as is quite evidence. If you require any additional information on myself, I suggest visiting my website at or seeking out reviews on reliable review sites such as:

HealthGrades Margot Holloman

Vitals M. Holloman

CareDash Margot H.

RateMDs Dr. Margot A. Holloman

Dr. Margot Holloman BackgroundThis is Dr Margot Holloman, a Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Margot Holloman is an experienced Clinical Psychologist specializing in matters concerning families, children, postpartum issues, and couples. She has 20+ years of experience in dealing with the complex issues that these clients face. In addition to these issues, Margot Holloman also assists clients in working through problems with anxiety, depression, and children with ADHD. She has always loved positive psychology including how adults and children can develop resilience despite difficulties faced in childhood or their current situation.

Dr. Holloman attended the University of Cincinnati and graduated from U.C. with Honors. She was the recipient of the Arthur G. Bills Award for Excellence in Research. She continued her studies at UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC-Greensboro, graduating with a Ph.D. in psychology. Dr. Margot Holloman Graduate School studies primarily focused on developing and maintaining positive self-esteem. She began her private practice career in 1997.

Dr. Holloman has three children of her own, a husband of 25+ years, and loves dogs, especially her Old English Sheepdog Ava. Margot participates in many activities outside the home, including (but not limited to) helping her children succeed, training Ava (often with some frustration), photography, tennis, volunteer work, and cooking.

Contact details

Specialty: Clinical Psychology

Tel: 1 (919) 363-4701

You can also contact Margot through her social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

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