Trademark Renewal Scam by IPS office s.r.o. Czech Republic “Intellectual Property Services”

Trademark Renewal Scam by IPS office s.r.o. Lidicka 700/19 602 00 Brno Czech Republic “Intellectual Property Services”

“Intellectual Property Services” or IPS office s.r.o. Lidicka 700/19 602 00 Brno Czech Republic is sending out mass mailing documents which are tantamount to fake trademark renewal invoices, to the physical addresses associated with registered US trademarks.

The Intellectual Property Services IPS Scam from Czech Republic:

Upon closer scrutiny this is a sophisticated snail-mail phishing scam. Intellectual Property Services IPS is simply scouring publicly available trademark registration records for the renewal dates for registered trademarks. When they are close to renewal IPS send these official looking invoices to unsuspecting trademark owners for renewal. Whereas, they simply take the money, and don’t do anything except publish the details of the trademark on the website, as if it is an official trademark registry.

the pretext of this scam is very clever, if you read the fine print, they are binding whoever sends the money and signed the document, the terms of their service, which is essentially charging 3 1/2 thousand US dollars to copy and paste the trademark information onto the website which is located here:

It appears they are also phishing Patent holders, based on scrutiny of their website.

furthermore, upon inspection of their “our services”section of the webpage here, they only do the following:

  1. patent watch services
  2. trademark watch services
  3. database administration
  4. examination activity

They don’t actually offer any services, the four services listed above are just a pretext to scan you out of your money. They do in fact perform patent and trademark “watches”, but that only so they can identify scam victims. Furthermore the “database administration”, is simply their internal database of potential victims, and “examination activity” is there examination of publicly available records, to help build the database of potential victims of the scam.

If you are a victim, or if you receive one of these documents, please report it through both of the following law enforcement portals: