The Importance of Creativity for The Romans PR 

The Romans PR is small but fast-growing, with a great culture. It’s been a successful year for the PR agency from impressive growth and doubling its office space to winning dozens of awards.

Joe MacKay-Sinclair Founder of The Romans PRThe Romans, which launched in 2015 with backing from Mother, has a bursting trophy cabinet that boasts four Young Lions, four 30 Under 30 wins, and 26 industry awards for 2019 alone.

Joe Mackay-Sinclair is the founder and executive creative director of The Romans. In an interview with Cision, he talks about why he established the agency, the focus on creativity, and his team’s best creative ideas.

Why Joe founded The Romans PR 

Joe Mackay-Sinclair beliefs that if you are good at something, you should never do it for free. He felt he was pretty good at PR, but was doing it for the wrong clients and wrong beliefs. Realising this, he started the only PR agency in the UK with a single focus on creative concepts. 

The Romans PR was founded with the backing from ad agency Mother. Joe considers Mother to be the most exciting, innovative and creative ad agency in the last 20 years. He considers their support less of a financial transaction and more an endorsement of a shared belief that the PR industry was missing a huge creative opportunity. 

Combining creativity and commerce

The Romans PR’s MO is all about creativity. The agency has the largest PR creative department in Europe, in headcount percentage terms. Old school PR people do not always understand this. Not only how to bill creative, but also how to structure a business so that winning awards translates into financial success. According to Joe, it’s a work in progress. But the PR agency is gradually shifting its financial model to be one that puts value on ideas, as well as delivery. 

Joe wants to ensure that creativity permeates through his agency. According to him, this is made possible by Ottilie Ratcliffe, who runs a weekly creative forum, and mentors all the junior creative talent within the agency. This input paid off, with The Romans sending another winning Young Lians team to represent the UK in Cannes. 

When it comes to IP, legal protecting your IP is important. But if retained by a client, any idea that The Romans PR comes up, is usually the clients’ property. However, Joe is not too worried about all this. He cares more about backing his team to have great ideas, to win tomorrow’s pitches and future awards.

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