Yoga Burn’s Secret

Yoga Burn takes pride in their customer service and products. The company always aims to put their customers first and offer ongoing support while they are on the Yoga Burn programs. This customer service plays a big part of why the programs are so successful. Besides the proven results of customers, it’s the support that’s mentioned in almost all reviews.

The support not only comes from Zoe and her team, but also from within the Yoga Burn community. Women who follow the programs support and encourage each other on Facebook. Zoe leaves inspirational tweets and yoga routines videos on Instagram and Pinterest, to keep in close contact with her followers.

Zoe Bray-Cotton from Yoga Burn
Zoe Bray-Cotton from Yoga Burn

Yoga Burn is dedicated to helping women get a healthier and happier life. The totally original fitness programs are created specifically for women that would like to work on shaping, toning and toning their entire body while shedding fat. Women also enjoy the fantastic advantages of yoga at the same time. Yoga is well known for the mental benefits which lead to a happier mind and spirit.

Yoga Burn poses

What customers say about Yoga Burn

I LOVE Yoga Burn and the Customer Service team is AMAZING! My first purchase was about 2 years ago, I received my receipts and Digital Access for my Yoga Burn right away! I send a message via FB for the Monthly links, they answered with my links extremely fast! The programs are life-changing and the Facebook community is great and supportive. The order process was easy to follow and everything was fully explained and I loved to be offered to purchase several products and combine the shipping! My DVDs arrived quickly and in excellent condition, the program is easy to follow even if you are not an English native speaker as Zoe explained the postures and everything so well. I’m extremely pleased with my purchases and I’d totally recommend it. – Lorena Sepulved

I am so happy to have started my YogaBurn Journey this year. I have a whole host of medial issues and conditions, including a spinal Fusion, respiratory issues and possible Chronic Fatigue. I struggle with any form of exercise on a Good Day. But even being able to make it through 1 x 15min routine of Yoga Burn a few days a week has made me feel stronger, leaner, and proud of myself for struggling through. Zoe and her crew are working so hard to support us on our journeys to improve our lives with positivity and fun exercise. I cant thank them enough. – Tracy McConnell

Yoga Burn is one of my favorite exercise programs ever!! I have the original Yoga Burn, Yoga Burn Booty, Total Body Challenge and now the Yoga Burn Monthly series. Last year I signed up for a free month of the monthly series and then decided it wasn’t something I could work into my budget at the time. I simply emailed customer service and they cancelled right away. I ended up purchasing the entire monthly series just last month and I am so glad I did. All of the programs are so effective and make me feel so much better. Zoe is constantly posting videos on  and * to give tips and extra information because she is so passionate about her programs. So happy I found Yoga Burn!! – Cydni Tavarez

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