is owned by Mediolex Ltd.  the website has a stated purpose of alerting consumers of scams and questionable business practices, but it is often abused by unscrupulous business people in order to defame their competitors and destroy their businesses.


Mediolex Ltd (doing business as operates out of Riga Latvia in Northern Europe. If you are hoping to contact the website administrators  to demand that defamatory complaint board allegations about your your business be removed, then you would do well to temper your tone. This website is immune to liability for defamation in the United States as a consequence of the ironically named “communications decency act”, so if you yell and scream and threaten legal action, your problem will probably go from bad to worse. You’d be well advised to be very humble in any communications with the website administrators, they can be reasonable, but if you act unreasonably then it will not end well for you.


If you are unable to persuade the administrators to remove unfavorable allegations about your business, then you can obtain professional assistance with a view to sanitizing the first couple of pages of Google search results which are causing you harm. As long as you can bury the defamatory allegations from page 1 or 2 of Google search results, then you will reduce the exposure to only a small percentage of the population who search for you; according to Google less than 6% of users will see results on page 2  as compared to page 1.


You can obtain a quote to have the problem solved within a few weeks or months by entering the problem such terms in the field below, this might be your business name or company name:


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