SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka Warns of Outsourcing Scams in India – Reviews

In the outsourcing world, protecting your business from scams is up to you. Staying abreast with what’s happening in the industry around you, especially the ups & downs in your domain can surely save your money. It will also ensure that you have the peace of mind that your business decisions are going in precise direction. My years of experience in the industry has taught me that hiring just any company, much about which is not known, for your outsourcing project is nothing less than inviting trouble at your doorstep. Over the years, multiple cases of outsourcing scams in India have come into light. I even came across rumors of SynapseIndia scams, that were entirely baseless.

Those spreading false rumors that SynapseIndia is fraud have no idea about our company’s transparent & customer-centric business policy. We value our customers and ensure that none of our endeavors lead to any sort of SynapseIndia complaint. Let me brief you about a few of the common outsourcing scams in India first. One of the most common of these scenarios is when you go for hiring two developers from the same company, they will have only one developer working on your project. They would even brief their developer about what to tell you on chat so that you don’t get to realize an inch of the fact that you have been paying the cost of two when only one resource is actually working on your project. A similar scenario was rumored as one of the baseless SynapseIndia complaints that we were accused of five years after our outsourcing company’s establishment. We responded strongly to the fake allegations and proved to the world that those were just rumors and nothing else.

Another scam scenario relates to your requirement of a specific feature on your website when the company will tell you that it needs to be custom made. They would then drag your project to many months and finally add a pre-built code that takes merely a day to customize. There are several of such scams that have been happening and will continue in the same fashion until we wisely take some concrete business decisions related to project outsourcing. You need to be fully prepared to avoid such scams from affecting your business.

Let me guide you through the ways that can ensure that your outsourcing project remains safe from all such scams. First & foremost, you need to be skeptical by default; analyze & think how your hired company may scam you. A webcam-enabled interview would be perfect to test their domain knowledge and have them answer your coding queries; it would also help you take a sneak-peek into their working environment.

Besides that, you should have another qualified coder cross-checking the developed codes quite often. Most importantly, you must ensure that they don’t get access to your database if you can avoid that. Also ensure that they sign an NDA agreement that would restrict them from outsourcing your project further. Also ask them to install an appropriate monitoring software so that you can constantly track the work being done on your project. These are some ways following which you can stay safe of the outsourcing scams in India.